SA201 Internship - Software Engineering 1/2

Faculty of Informatics
Spring 2022
Extent and Intensity
0/0/0. 8 credit(s) (plus extra credits for completion). Type of Completion: z (credit).
Taught online.
RNDr. Jaroslav Ráček, Ph.D. (lecturer)
Bc. Alena Hooperová (lecturer)
doc. Ing. RNDr. Barbora Bühnová, Ph.D. (assistant)
Guaranteed by
RNDr. Jaroslav Ráček, Ph.D.
Department of Computer Systems and Communications - Faculty of Informatics
Contact Person: Bc. Alena Hooperová
Supplier department: Department of Computer Systems and Communications - Faculty of Informatics
( PA165 Java Enterprise Applications || PV179 System Development in C#/.NET || PV260 Software Quality ) && SOUHLAS
PV203 and PA181 and PA116 and PV207 and PA179.
Course Enrolment Limitations
The course is only offered to the students of the study fields the course is directly associated with.
fields of study / plans the course is directly associated with
Course objectives
At the end of the course students should be able to work on a junior level position in a service oriented company.
  • Business oriented or more research oriented alternative can be chosen.
  • This is the research oriented alternative - first part.
  • The Interim Project is based on taking an internship in an organisation (company, state authority etc.) with focus in the area of study. The student's work in the course of the internship must comply with the T-shaped profile, requiring both deep IT knowledge and experience and extensive overview and basic skills in other disciplines (economy, marketing, management, law etc.).
  • PA185 internship duration is 300 working hours of which at least 150 hours within the term's tuition period. Traineeship taken in AUTUMN term may start as early as July 1st, in SPRING term as early as January 1st of the pertinent year.
  • Daily working shift will not exceed 8 hours.
  • While students may choose from the offer published at the document server or from the Faculty's Industrial Partners, it is up them to arrange their internship independently. Students must make sure the company guarantor meets stipulated criteria, i.e. completed university education in technical field with three years of experience in the area of the internship in the least. The guarantor’s experience is calculated as of their university graduation.
  • PA185 is the first part of the internship to be followed up by PA186 in the same organisation in subsequent term. Exceptions are only possible with the lecturer’s consent. In case there is a threat of conflict of interests, the lecturer may choose not to approve the enrolment.
  • IMPORTANT: As an essential precondition for approval (do not forget to apply for approval in the IS) of the registration/enrolment of the course, the student must deliver signed Interim Proposal. Student will deliver the signed paper five days before enrolment at the latest to the course's Study Materials internship, file: "Interim Proposal".
  • At the beginning of the term (deadline to be specified by the lecturer) students will provide Internship Acceptance Protocol. Students will deliver the Acceptance Protocol bearing signatures of the student and the company guarantor using the Homework Vaults. In the course of the term students will deliver the interim report electronically using the Homework Vaults (deadline to be specified by the lecturer).
  • The students will file Technical Report and Confirmation of Completion via IS during the examination period.
  • Humpolíček, Pavel - Uhrová, Alena. Desatero pro praxi - aneb jak využít povinnost.
Teaching methods
Internship within a business partner organization. Work on real-life projects with service orientation. Comparation of learned theory with practice. Feedback elaboration.
Assessment methods
A technical report on the project and a public presentation of results on a faculty seminar is required to obtain the colloquium. To this the PA186 has to be performed by the same business partner.
Language of instruction
Further comments (probably available only in Czech)
The course is taught each semester.
The course is taught: every week.
Information on the extent and intensity of the course: Stáž v minimálním rozsahu 200 hodin (6 týdnů).
Listed among pre-requisites of other courses
The course is also listed under the following terms Autumn 2021.
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