MVV218K Open Justice - Constitutional Standards and International Practice

Faculty of Law
Spring 2017
Extent and Intensity
0/1/0. 5 credit(s). Type of Completion: k (colloquium).
Eszter Bodnár, Ph.D. (lecturer), doc. JUDr. Ing. Michal Radvan, Ph.D. (deputy)
doc. JUDr. Ing. Michal Radvan, Ph.D.
Faculty of Law
Contact Person: Mgr. Věra Redrupová, B.A.
Supplier department: Faculty of Law
Timetable of Seminar Groups
MVV218K/01: Mon 3. 4. 16:40–18:10 025, 18:15–19:45 025, Tue 4. 4. 16:40–18:10 025, 18:15–19:45 025, Wed 5. 4. 18:15–19:45 025
Course Enrolment Limitations
The course is only offered to the students of the study fields the course is directly associated with.

The capacity limit for the course is 32 student(s).
Current registration and enrolment status: enrolled: 27/32, only registered: 0/32
Fields of study the course is directly associated with
there are 37 fields of study the course is directly associated with, display
Course objectives
Main objectives are as follows:
- to understand the main components of the open justice from a comparative constitutional point of view;
- to have a comparative overview on the judicial branch’s operation in common law and civil law systems (Europe and North America);
- to become able to analyse legal regulation applying the constitutional principles and human rights concerning open justice;
- to use the knowledge to solve practical cases and constitutional conflicts concerning the transparency of courts
  • 1. The role of the judicial branch in the constitutional system, basic models of judiciary
  • 2. Constitution principles and human rights affecting open justice
  • 3. Right to a public trial
  • 4. Public and media presence in the courtroom
  • 5. Access to court documents and decisions
  • 6. Access to information on the court’s operation
  • 7. Courts in the media, public opinion on courts
  • 8. Constitutional conflicts in the field of open justice
  • See Teacher’s Information for full details
Teaching methods
lectures with discussions
Assessment methods
Semestral paper
Language of instruction
Further comments (probably available only v češtině)
The course is taught only once.

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