MVV228K International Business Law

Faculty of Law
Spring 2017
Extent and Intensity
0/1/0. 5 credit(s). Type of Completion: k (colloquium).
Prof. Andrew Gareleck (lecturer), doc. JUDr. Ing. Michal Radvan, Ph.D. (deputy)
doc. JUDr. Ing. Michal Radvan, Ph.D.
Faculty of Law
Contact Person: Mgr. Věra Redrupová, B.A.
Supplier department: Faculty of Law
Timetable of Seminar Groups
MVV228K/01: Mon 15. 5. 18:15–19:45 025, Tue 16. 5. 18:15–19:45 302, Wed 17. 5. 8:00–9:30 025, 9:35–11:05 025, Thu 18. 5. 18:15–19:45 208, Fri 19. 5. 8:00–9:30 133
Course Enrolment Limitations
The course is only offered to the students of the study fields the course is directly associated with.

The capacity limit for the course is 30 student(s).
Current registration and enrolment status: enrolled: 12/30, only registered: 0/30
Fields of study the course is directly associated with
there are 37 fields of study the course is directly associated with, display
Course objectives
1. An understanding of the importance of international business and contracts in an international environment
2. The capacity to apply legal concepts to real life situations, through legal case analysis and problem solving
3. The ability to undertake independent reading and research on the subject, using both traditional and internet resources
  • I.
  • Introduction to International Trade / Government Controls over Trade
  • Reading: Schaffer Chapter 1, page 1 – 6
  • Case: Tarbert Trading Ltd vs Comentals, Inc., US District Court (SDNY) 1987 II.
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • International Licensing Agreements
  • Franchising
  • Reading: Schaffer Chapter 1, page 6 – 10
  • Cases:
  • o Russian Entertainment Wholesale, Inc. vs Close-Up International, Inc., US District Court (EDNY) 2011
  • o First Flight Associates v. Pro Golf Co, Inc. (1975) – distributed separately
  • o Dayan v. McDonald's Corp. (1984) (page 9)
  • III.
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Conducting Business in Developing Countries
  • Reading: Schaffer Chapter 1, page 10 - 16
  • Case: In Re Union Carbide Corporation Gas Plant Disaster at Bhopal (1987) (page 14)
  • IV.
  • Managing the Risks of International Business
  • Risk of Exposure to Foreign Laws and Courts
  • Reading: Schaffer Chapter 1, page 16 - 25
  • Cases:
  • o Transatlantic Financing Corp. vs. United States, US Court of Appeals 1966. (page 16)
  • o Gaskin vs Stumm Handel GMBH, US District Court (SDNY) 1975 (page 18)
  • o Bernina Distributors v. Bernina Sewing Machines Co., 1981 (page 20)
  • o DIP SpA v. Comune di Bassano del Grappa, Court of Justice of European Communities (1995)
  • V.
  • Resolving International Commercial Disputes:
  • o Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and Litigation
  • o Jurisdiction in Civil and Commercial Cases:
  •  EU and US
  •  Internet/E-commerce cases
  • o Conflicts of Law
  • Reading: Schaffer Chapter 3, page 56 – 69
  • Cases:
  •  Scherk v. Alberto-Culver, US Supreme Court (1974) (page 60)
  •  Asahi Metal Industry Co. v. Superior Court of California, US Supreme Court (1987) (page 63)
  •  Pebble Beach Company v. Caddy, US Court of Appeals, 2006
  • See Teacher’s Information for full details
Teaching methods
Each student is obligated to remain current with assigned readings.
Assigned readings must be completed BEFORE class to facilitate class discussion.
 Students may be asked to prepare one-page case briefs corresponding to the cases in the assigned chapter.
 The read materials and assignments will be posted on
 The access code for the class : will be provided
 For credit any assignment that must be turned in should be submitted on by uploading your document and clicking on “turn in”
Assessment methods
One or two case briefs must be uploaded to for grading. The cases to be graded are highlighted in the planning schedule. For credit, cases must be submitted on or before the day indicated.
There may also be in-class multiple-choice quizzes based on the prior days reading assignments.
Case briefs/quiz 100%
TOTAL 100%
Language of instruction
Further comments (probably available only v češtině)
The course is taught only once.

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