AJL16071 Seventeenth Century Poetry, Thought, and Culture

Filozofická fakulta
podzim 2020
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Stephen Paul Hardy, Ph.D. (přednášející)
Mgr. Jan Čapek, Ph.D. (pomocník)
Stephen Paul Hardy, Ph.D.
Katedra anglistiky a amerikanistiky – Filozofická fakulta
Kontaktní osoba: Tomáš Hanzálek
Dodavatelské pracoviště: Katedra anglistiky a amerikanistiky – Filozofická fakulta
Čt 18:00–19:40 G31
AJL01002 Anglický jazyk II
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This semester's course will consider aspects of the work of prominent seventeenth century poets, including Ben Jonson, John Donne, George Herbert, John Milton, and Andrew Marvell. as well as some of their most prominent eighteenth century successors, such as Alexander Pope, Oliver Goldsmith, Thomas Gray, and William Cowper. The course will also examine aspects of historical and political developments as well intimate and family relations in the period covered. Students completing the course will have covered these areas and have produced an essay of appropriate length analysing relevant dimensions of those areas considered, in relation to the poetry covered, the social, historical and political aspects of the period, or a combination of these elements.
Výstupy z učení
Students completing the course will have gained a substantial understanding both of relevant aspects of seventeenth century social mores and of aspects of the work of major poets of the period. The adequacy of this knowledge will have been expressed through participation in organised discussion and written analysis.
  • Week 1: Oct 8th:INDUCTION WEEK: NO CLASS Week 2: Oct 15th:Introductory Week 3: Oct 22nd:John Donne: The Flea, The Good Morrow, Air and Angels,The Ecstasy;A Nocturnal upon St Lucie's Day, A Valediction Forbidding Mourning, The Relic, The Anniversary; L.Stone:The Family, Sex and Marriage in England: 1500-1800(Ch.1); Peter Ackroyd: Tudors:Chs.26-30 Week 4: Oct 29th: John Donne: Holy Sonnets; Good Friday, Riding Westward;Hymn to God the Father; Meditation 17; L.Stone:Ch.1&2; Ackroyd: Tudors: Chs.31-35 L.Stone: Ch.3.Ackroyd: Chs. 36-40; Civil War: Chs. 1-5 Week 5: Nov 5th: Ben Jonson:To John Donne;To Penshurst; To A Celebration of Charis in Ten pieces; Epistle to Elizabeth, Countess of Rutland. L.Stone:Ch:4/5; Ackroyd: Chs. 6-17 Week 6: Nov 12th:George Herbert:Affliction (1), Paradise, The Collar,The Flower; The Banquet; The Rose; Disciplíne: Death, Redemption, Love (3)Stone: Ch.6/7; Week 7: Nov.19th: READING WEEK: NO CLASS Week 8: Nov 26th:Richard Crashaw: Wishes to His Supposed Mistress; John Milton: L’Allegro; Il Penseroso; Lycidas; Stone Ch 8; Ackroyd: Civil War: Chs.18-26 Week 9: Dec 3rd:John Milton:Paradise Lost Book I, IV,& IX; L.Stone.Ch.9; Ackroyd: Civil War: Chs.27-35 Week 10: Dec 10th:Andrew Marvell: To His Coy Mistress;An Horatian Ode Upon Cromwell's Return from Ireland;The Picture of Little T.C. in a Prospect of Flowers. The Nymph Complaining for the Death of her Faun, The Garden, The Mower’s Song, The Bermudas, Upon Appleton House; L.Stone: Ch.10.Ackroyd:Civil War:Chs.36-45 Week 11: Dec. 17th:Daniel Defoe: The True-Born Englishman; J.Dryden: Absalon & Acitophel L.Stone: Ch.11; Ackroyd: Revolution: Chs.1-12 Week 12: J.Swift: The Lady's Dressing Room; A. Pope: Essay on Man; Epistle to a Lady; L.Stone Ch.12; Ackroyd: Revolution: Chs.13-19 Week 13: T. Gray: Elegy in a Country Churchyard; G. Crabbe: The Deserted Village; W. Cowper: The Castaway L. Stone Ch.13; Ackroyd: Revolution: Chs.20-25
    povinná literatura
  • Lawrence Stone: The Family, Sex and Marriage in England: 1500- 1800 (London: Penguin, 1979)
  • The Complete poetry and selected prose of John Donne. Edited by John Donne - Charles M. Coffin. New York: Modern Library, 2001, xxxii, 697. ISBN 0375757341. info
  • MILTON, John. John Milton : selected shorter poems and prose writings. Edited by Tony Davies. London: Routledge, 1988, viii, 265. ISBN 0415006686. info
  • MILTON, John. Paradise Lost. Edited by Philip Brockbank - C. A. Patrides. London: Macmillan Education, 1986, 230 s. ISBN 0333007883. info
  • MARVELL, Andrew. The poems of Andrew Marvell. Edited by James Reeves - Martin Seymour-Smith. London: Heinemann, 1969, vi, 195 s. ISBN 0-435-15071-5. info
  • JONSON, Ben. Ben Jonson. Vol. 8, The poems ; The prose works. Edited by Evelyn Simpson - C. H. (Charles Harold) Herford - Percy Simpson. Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 1947, xviii, 674. info
  • HERBERT, George. The complete works in verse and prose of George Herbert. Vol. 1, Verse. Edited by Alexander B. Grosart. London: [Robson], 1874, lxvi, 314. info
  • HERBERT, George. The complete works in verse and prose of George Herbert. Vol. 2, Verse. Edited by Alexander B. Grosart. London: [Robson], 1874, cxlii, 237. info
  • HERBERT, George. The complete works in verse and prose of George Herbert. Vol. 3, Prose. Edited by Alexander B. Grosart. London: [Robson], 1874, xviii, 498. info
  • Ackroyd, Peter. Revolution London, Macmillan, 403s.ISBN 978-1-5098-1147-2
Výukové metody
The course will be taught through a combination of close reading, small-group discussion and class discussion.
Metody hodnocení
Class attendance and oral class contribution (25%),e-fora contributions(25%) plus essay of 7-10 pages(double-spaced)(50%). Size 12 type. Essays should be submitted by attachment to my e-mail address
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