F9889 Active Galactic Nuclei

Faculty of Science
Autumn 2018

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2/0/0. 2 credit(s) (fasci plus compl plus > 4). Type of Completion: zk (examination).
doc. Mgr. Norbert Werner, Ph.D. (lecturer)
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prof. RNDr. Jana Musilová, CSc.
Department of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics - Physics Section - Faculty of Science
Supplier department: Department of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics - Physics Section - Faculty of Science
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The course is offered to students of any study field.
Course objectives
Active galactic nuclei (AGN) are among the most energetic and spectacular objects in the sky. They reside in the centres of galaxies and are often so luminous that they outshine their entire host galaxy. In this lecture series we will discuss AGN in considerable detail, addressing their taxonomy, the physics of the various building blocks of AGN including the accretion disks and dusty tori around the central supermassive black holes, their time evolution and their roles in galaxy formation and evolution.
  • what are active galactic nuclei (history, building blocks, unified model) AGN surveys black holes, energetics, demographics radiative processes spherical accretion, accretion disks and the optical/UV continuum X-ray and gamma-ray emission radio emission and jets absorption and dusty tori broad and narrow emission lines, outflows AGN feedback and role of AGN in galaxy formation and evolution
  • KROLIK, Julian H. Active Galactic Nuclei. 1998. ISBN 978-0-691-01151-6. info
  • PETERSON, Bradley M. An Introduction to Active Galactic Nuclei. 1997. ISBN 978-0-521-47911-0. info
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