Vlákno: Elizabeth Ebe/
Elizabeth Ebe
24. února v 08:18nové
I have been accepted to study pharmacy at Masaryk University. However I am confused as to what to do next. I have received no other update or instruction apart from the acceptance letter. I would appreciate any help or information. Thank you.
25. února v 23:36nové

Dear Elizabeth,

please, contact the International Relations Office of the Faculty of Pharmacy (info@pharm.muni.cz). Thank you.

Linda Krajsová - communicator for admission procedure
Vlákno: Elizabeth Ebe/
Elizabeth Ebe
22. 12. 2020 09:13nové
I was wondering if the entrance exam would be taken in English for Native English Speakers. I am applying to study the Pharmacy program in English so I was wondering how the exam would be taken.
22. 12. 2020 13:42nové
Dear Ms. Ebe,
you have already received a reply at prihlaska@muni.cz.
Tshepo Fantová
6. února v 19:13nové
I would like to get my registration fee back as this course is not online 😣How do I do that
10. února v 22:47nové
Dear Ms. Fantova,
please direct your inquiry at prihlaska@muni.cz. Thank you.