Fumiya Kimura
10. ledna v 13:08nové
Dear person in charge of admission procedure,

Hello. I am Fumiya Kimura from Japan. Now I am preparing for application to the master degree program of Business Management.At same time, I am applying for nostrification in another public university because my Therefore, here are only PDF files of certificate of graduation and transcript of academic records in English version with apostille stamp. It means I already sent them to the university and have waited for recognition result. 
On application procedure, do I need to upload the PDF files? Or do I have to upload new copies of certificate of graduation and transcript of academic records both in English and Japanese versions? 

Best regards,
Fumiya Kimura
12. ledna v 19:46nové

Dear Sir/Madam,

please contact study department of the Faculty of Economics and Administration at: admission@econ.muni.cz. They will let you know which form of documents is appropriate.