Measure No. 4/2020 of the Dean of the Faculty of Science Masaryk University

Organisation of State Final Examinations in the Spring Semester of 2020

(version effective from 1 June 2020)

Pursuant to Section 28 (1) of Act No. 111/1998 Coll., on higher education institutions and amending and supplementing other laws (Higher Education Institutions Act), as amended, (hereinafter the “Higher Education Institutions Act”), I hereby issue the following Measure:

Article 1


(1)   The purpose of this Measure is to apply Act No. 188/2020 Coll., on special rules for education and decision-making at higher education institutions in 2020, as well as extraordinary measures of the Ministry of Health and the related regulations of Masaryk University.

Article 2

Timetable of State Final Examinations

(1)  Final theses shall be submitted and State examinations in Bachelor’s and follow-up Master’s programmes held in two periods (June/July; September). Specific examination dates at the individual departments are published at:

(2)  Students may freely choose from among the given dates. They will express their choice by registering for the given date in the IS MU not later than one week before the date of submission of the final thesis. The September dates can also be used to re-take the examination.

Article 3

Form of State Final Examinations

(1)   The final State examination in Bachelor’s and follow-up Master’s programmes shall take place primarily in distance form. If permitted by the epidemiological situation and measures of the Government of the Czech Republic, the students may take the examination in person at the Faculty. It is possible to change the original form of the examination from written to oral and vice versa.

(2)   The chairperson of the examination committee shall decide whether the examination will be taken at the Faculty/in distance form, or in writing/orally. Students will be demonstrably informed of the form of the examination, e.g. by e-mail via the IS, at least three weeks before the State final examination. At the same time, this information will also be provided to the Studies Office. In both cases, the provision of information will be ensured by the chairperson of the committee or the Deputy Director of the Department for Pedagogical Matters.

Article 4

State Final Examination Taken at the Faculty

(1)  When the State final examination is taken in person at the Faculty, it is necessary to respect the applicable hygiene recommendations and extraordinary preventive measures posted on the website of Masaryk University at and submit an Affirmation on non-existence of quarantine and symptoms of a viral infectious disease in the Information System of Masaryk University. Furthermore, it is necessary to respect the extraordinary preventive measures posted on the following website:

Article 5

State Final Examination Taken in Distance Form

(1)  State final examination in distance form shall be taken in accordance with the methodology available at:


(2)  As long as the presence of students at the Faculty is restricted, the statutory duty to allow presence of the public at the State final examinations may be replaced by making an audio or audio-visual recording and keeping the recording for a period of 5 years. After termination of these restrictions, it is necessary to allow the presence of the public by streaming the examination to another suitable room on the premises of the Faculty of Science or over the internet.

Article 6

Report on the State Final Examination

(1)  A software application is available in the IS for State final examinations taken in distance form, allowing electronic creation and execution of a report on the State final examination. Manuals for the committee chairpersons/members are available at and, respectively.

The same site also contains a manual for archiving the reports on State final examinations.

(2)  The electronic version of the report on a State final examination may also be used for State final examinations taken in person at the Faculty. The chairperson of the committee shall decide on the use of the printed or electronic version of the report. The chairperson shall notify the Studies Office of his/her decision at least 2 weeks before the date of the State final examination/thesis defence.

(3)  If the electronic version is used, the “study results” link pertaining to the registered student will be visible to the chairperson of the committee. The chairperson of the committee shall determine whether it will be the Studies Office or an authorised member of staff of the department authorised to hold the S_SZZ right who will enter the relevant data into the Termíny SZZ (Dates of State Final Examinations) application; the entry of data into the application forms a precondition for the preparation of electronic reports.

(4)  For the creation of an electronic report on a State final examination, it is necessary that the list of members of the examination committee in the IS is up-to-date and all the members listed are actually present on-line. The specific applicable composition of the committee must be published 2 weeks before the date of the State final examination. The chairperson may confirm the report and complete it only after it has been confirmed by all members of the committee.

Article 7

Final Provisions

(1)  I hereby authorise the Vice-Dean for Studies to provide interpretation of the individual provisions of this Measure.

(2)  Compliance with this Measure shall be checked by the head of the Studies Office.

(3)  This Measure enters into force on 25 May 2020 and is valid until the end of the calendar year 2020.

Digital signature: Mgr. Tomáš Kašparovský, Ph.D.

Digitally signed by Mgr. Tomáš Kašparovský Ph.D., date: 2020.05.29 13:22:44 +02‘00‘


Doc. Mgr. Tomáš Kašparovský, Ph.D.

Dean of the Faculty of Science Masaryk University