Where is the testing centre located?
BVV – Brno Exhibition Centre, main entrance for pedestrians, Gate 1. It is the closest gate to the “Výstaviště – Hlavní vstup/ Brno Exhibition Centre - main entrance” tram/bus stop.

We send the test results by SMS within 60 minutes to a Czech or Slovak telephone number. No printed confirmations are issued. We can send an email confirmation on request. Please, contact to the following e-mail:

Please, bring your Health Insurance Card. Your details may be checked at the reception.

Have you not received any SMS with the result? Please, contact , we will respond as soon as possible, or call the info-line (Monday — Friday, 8:30—12:30 and 13:00—15:00). Thank you for your understanding.

How is the test performed? The antigen tests at our testing centre are performed by a collection of nasopharynx swab.

I have a serious health problem and I cannot be tested from my nasopharynx. How can you test me? In case of serious health problems, please, bring a confirmation from your doctor, the testing staff will test you in another way.

Are you going abroad and need a confirmation in English? Since 02/02/2021, at the registration, we have been offering the possibility to request a confirmation for the travelling abroad reasons in English. We send the confirmation within 24 hours of the test performance. The price of the confirmation is CZK 200. Please, have your ID or passport available at the reception.

Are you traveling to Slovakia? We send the confirmation in the form of an SMS with the National Identification Number. Details of the mentioned measure incl. possible exceptions are specified on the following website:

Is the result of your antigen test positive and are you asymptomatic? If the antigen test is positive without symptoms, we perform a confirmatory PCR test at the testing centre. To reserve the date and time, you will receive an SMS with a link to the reservation system. The confirmatory PCR test, which is performed at the testing centre, has 48 hours result delivery time. Thank you for your understanding.

MUNI Info-line: +420 776 553 773
Time: 8:30 to 15:00, Monday to Friday


If you are a holder of the European Health Insurance Card – EHIC (i.e., you are a resident of the EU, EEA or Switzerland), you may file an application with the Czech General Health Insurance Company (Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna, VZP) for the registration of your card. You may do so in person at VZP offices in Brno or via e-mail at (you will be asked to submit evidence in the form of your EHIC and an ID document; the maximum size of attachments is limited to 5 MB). The registration will provide you with a certificate issued by VZP, which substitutes for the European Health Insurance Card and contains your personal identification number valid in the Czech Republic.

Please, arrive at your reserved time - earlier arrival may complicate the testing process due to possible queues.

Respect the rules at the testing centre - respect the distances, do not smoke, wear a respirator and remove it only when asked by the testing person.

How does testing work step by step?

Step 1: Reservation

Step 2: Confirmation

Step 3: Arrival at the testing centre

Step 4: Check-in at the cash desk / reception

Step 5: Testing

Step 6: Test result