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logo MUMasaryk University

Official information about COVID-19https://www.muni.cz/en/coronavirus The university will be without contact teaching until at least mid-May Decision of the rector of Masaryk university No. 3/2020 Working and studying from home? We have tips on services and applications Article in Magazine M (in Czech) Tool for quick communication and team collaborationDetailed instructions for Microsoft Teams (in Czech) Elportál – E-learning portal of Masaryk UniversityE-publications, e-books, tips, inspiration and tools concerning e-learning at MU (in Czech) Closed Libraries Won't Stop You Information about online sources Remote Online TeachingTools for online teaching (particulary Microsoft Teams)

logo LF MUFaculty of Medicine

Order of the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine regarding the Rector's recess at MUhttps://www.med.muni.cz/ Dopisy děkanahttps://www.med.muni.cz/ (in Czech)

logo FF MUFaculty of Arts

Learning Online at the Faculty of ArtsTips, instructions and support Technical information onlineshared document at Google Docs (in Czech)

logo PrF MUFaculty of Law

Dean Martin Škop's instructions on the emergency situationInformation for teachers of the Faculty of Law (in Czech) Vice dean David Sehnálek's letter about remote teaching at Faculty of LawOptions of the contactless teaching and communication (in Czech) Central web with information about distance learning at the Faculty of LawInteractive syllabus (accessible only for MU teachers, in Czech)

logo FSS MUFaculty of Social Studies

Possibilities of distance learning and communicationTips and instructions

logo PřF MUFaculty of Science

Coronavirus infohttps://www.sci.muni.cz/ Measures regarding the epidemiological situationhttps://www.sci.muni.cz/

logo FI MUFaculty of Informatics

FI: Experiences with remote teachingShared document at Google Docs (in Czech) Measures of the Dean of FI MU in connection with COVID-19Message board of IS MU (accessible only for IS MU users)

logo PdF MUFaculty of Education

Online teaching at Faculty of EducationTips, instructions and support (in Czech)

logo ESF MUFaculty of Economics and Administration

Online Teaching at the FEATips, instructions and support

logo FSpS MUFaculty of Sports Studies

Oznámení vedení (in Czech)Aktuální informace a opatření v souvislosti se šířením nákazy koronaviru