Introduction to Media and Communication Studies
doc. Mgr. Jakub Macek, Ph.D.
Introduction to Media and Communication Studies

The course introduces you to the field of media and communication studies. It is designed as an introductory overview of key theories and concepts. As such its content focuses on communication history and theories and on models of communication processes; on theory of signs, processes and politics of signification, communication codes, and on the relation between language and power; on the topics of media organizations and content creators; and on the topics of media audiences and mass communication effect.

By the end of the course you will be able to: 1) understand and apply basic terminology and concepts grasping interpersonal and mediated communication; 2) understand the processes of mediated communication as signification processes that take part in constitution of society, culture and politics; 3) understand media as institutions and as expert systems drawing on certain professional procedures and knowledge; (4) understand and assess media and mediated communication as constitutive part of audiences’ everyday life.

The course is concluded with a written exam testing your knowledge and understanding of compulsory reading assigned to the classes. Tho focus of the exam will be on your ability to explain and apply the concepts and theories covered by the readings.

Course schedule: 

16. 2.

23. 2.

[Lecture 2] Definitions and types of communication 

Jakub Macek

2. 3.

[Lecture 3] Communication models

Jakub Macek

9. 3. 

[Lecture 4] Communication and meaning: sings, codes, and social construction of reality

Jakub Macek

16. 3.

Reading week

23. 3.

[Lecture 5] Ideology, hegemony

Iveta Jansová

30. 3.

[Lecture 6] Media organizations and economic conditions of media functioning

Signe Ivask

6. 4.

[Lecture 7] Media content creators: Journalism as a profession

Signe Ivask

13. 4.

[Lecture 8] Media audiences

Jakub Macek

20. 4.

27. 4.

[Lecture 9] Media effects

Jakub Macek

4. 5.

[Lecture 10] Visual Culture

Iveta Jansová

11. 5.

Group consultations

Jakub Macek