Komparativní osteologie - cvičení

Týden 7 Human Upper Limb bone morphology

Dear students,

after the long interactive session on the Upper limb bone morphology, you are ready for another short challenge.

Go to FORMS using the link below and test your knowledge by December 3.

The only thing you have to do is paste and copy the entire link on your browser and start the quiz. 

You must put your name and then answer the questions. Take your time but the exercise does not require too much time (around 10 minutes). You must reply to each answer before submitting  (if not, you are not able to submit the quiz!) 

Try to reach the max points (6 points), anyway, this quiz WON'T BE officially marked. So don't worry about the grade and have fun. 

Here the link:


Upper Limb training
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