• 1.What is a question set?
    The term of question set refers to a text file containing questions and answers to these. It usually has the .qdefx suffix and can be identified in the File Manager by the following green square icon:

    The Information System allows you to create question sets, which may comprise questions of numerous types, with the aid of special forms (for further information, please see the help section titled 'ROPOT Question Types').

    Personal Administration Help Elearning .. ROPOT Question Types

    Apart from basic types of sets (consisting of questions of the same type), you can also create those that combine questions of different types, organize your answer fields into tables, etc. To browse some examples of use, please use the following page: Editing a Question Set.

    Provided you want to enter questions of the types more complicated than those exemplified, you are advised to contact an e-technician for assistance since these cannot be entered via any available form.

    If you decide to enter them by yourself, please ensure that you take the prescribed steps.

  • 2.What am I supposed to do to create a new question set and fill it with questions using the forms?
    To go to the page allowing you to work with question sets, please use the following path:

    Teacher ROPOT ... Question Sets - create, edit

    Click on 'Create a new question set', enter a name for it, and specify the folder in which you want the set to be placed. The usual location (inaccessible to students by default) is the folder titled 'testbank'. Finally, remember to save the information you have entered.

    To be taken to the page enabling you to enter your questions, click on 'Enter questions'.
    The application allows you to open forms designed for posting individual types of questions by clicking on corresponding letters. By moving a cursor over a letter, you will cause the information on the selected question type to be displayed.
    Each form is accompanied by instructions on how it should be filled in. To display these, please click on the red question mark (

    ) situated near the form. To save the contents of the form, click on 'Save'. Provided you want to add some more questions to your set, continue repeating the same procedure until you are done.

    Any question you have entered into the System before can be edited any time later on. If you decide to do so, you have a choice of two editing options - 'using a form' or 'using a text editor'. The references to these can be found in the green section of each question. However, the users are recommended to choose the text editor option only if they are familiar with the tags utilized in this particular mode.

    After entering your questions, you might want to check them by 'answering' them and clicking on the Check the answers button. This will cause the correct answers you have provided to be marked green and the incorrect ones red. While checking your answers, you may also want to enable one of the options available at the bottom of the page (e.g. 'make the evaluation case-sensitive', 'make the evaluation diacritics-sensitive', etc.). Nevertheless, if you intend to penalize your students for not keeping to the required case or diacritics, you must enable these options in the ROPOT description section. Enabling them for checking purposes in the application designed for entering your questions has absolutely no effect on how your students' answers will be evaluated later on!

  • 3.What types of questions is it possible to enter with the aid of the forms?
    Using the forms, you can enter the following types of questions (the list below contains letters used for the individual types followed by their names suggesting the purposes they have been designed for):
    • r: Select the answer you consider correct (one per question)
    • c: Select all the alternatives you consider correct (several per question)
    • t: Provide missing information or translate
    • m: Put in the right order or match
    • v: Select the alternative you consider correct from a menu
    • s: Put the words in the right order
    • a: Type in an answer
    • n: Enter a number
    • b: To display the answer, click on the key icon

    You can also choose from some other, more complicated exercises, e.g. those comprising drop-down menus and fields intended for entering long texts.

    For further information on question types, please use the following path:

    Teacher ROPOT ... Help ... question types

    The forms represent a package of easy-to-use tools you can utilize to automate the process of entering numerous questions and save yourself the trouble of formatting these.

  • 4.What is the reference of 'Edit the questions in File Manager' good for?
    This reference allows advanced users (some previous knowledge of editing questions via forms is required) to edit their question sets directly in the Information System with a text editor.
    Besides, these users may find this option suitable for editing several questions at once.

  • 5.What can I utilize the HTML editor for?
    The HTML editor gives you more control over the way you format your questions than the forms. In other words, it enables you to make your text bold, italicized, colored, etc. This application also allows you to insert in your questions special characters and those of other character sets (using the

  • 6.Is there any way of finding out that a newly created question set contains several copies of the same question?
    Yes, there is. To find this out, please use the application designed for detecting duplicates. The following path will take you to it:

    Teacher ROPOT .. Question Sets - create, edit

    Locate the question set you want to check for duplicate questions and click on 'duplicates'. The System will display the list of all the questions that appear in the set more than once and you will be offered an option of removing these.

    NB: Provided some questions contain the same text and only differ in form (e.g. use a different font), the System will not consider them duplicates. Likewise, if one of two otherwise identical questions contains a typo, the questions will be considered different and thus will not be listed among the duplicates either. The same applies to the questions of the :r and :c types which contain the same answers listed in different orders.

  • 7.Can I compare the contents of question sets?
    Yes, you can. To do so, use the following path:

    Teacher ROPOT .. Question Sets - create, edit

    Locate the question set you want to compare with some other and click on 'compare sets'. Then, specify the other set for the comparison (you might want to use the quick selection option) and click on 'Compare sets'. The application will display a page divided into three sections - one listing the questions only present in the first set, the other listing those only present in the second set, and the last one containing the questions present in both, i.e. duplicates.

  • 8.The ROPOT application does not display my table correctly? What shall I do?
    Provided you are trying to enter a table into a ROPOT application using the HTML editor and it does not display correctly, you should edit the source code of the question (its text format) containing the table in the plain text editor by inserting the <html> tag in front of the table. The <html> tag does not require use of any closing tag.
    Please ensure that you really enter the tag using the plain text editor (not the HTML one) since otherwise it would be considered part of the text making up the question.

    If you are entering a table into your question using the text editor from scratch, you may, for the sake of its correct display, want to squeeze the table code into one line only. Another option is the aforementioned insertion of the <html> tag, which allows you to make the table code span several lines and thus easier to read (white spaces are ignored).

  • 9.I would like to copy and move questions across multiple question sets. Is there any way to do so?
    Yes, there is. Apart from moving and copying questions within the same question set, you can also do so across the sets.
    • You may want to use the option 'Move/copy into a new question set' to create a new question set from the questions contained in another set created before.
      To do so, click on the aforementioned button, i.e. 'Move/copy into a new question set', and select those of the questions that you want to move/copy (you should specify which of the two operations you want the System to perform). Provided you decide on the former, the selected questions will be removed from the source question set. You will also be prompted to enter a name for the target set and specify the folder you want it to be stored in. To complete the moving/copying operation, please click on 'OK'.

      Using the aforementioned technique, you cannot move questions from a question set A to that of B created before! That is, the operation always creates a brand new question set (the target one)!

    • Another option you might find useful is that of 'Move/copy from another question set', which allows you to load a question set with all the questions making up another set.
      To do so, click on the Move/copy from another question set button and specify the question behind which you want the other set to be pasted.
      Provided you check the remove the source file option, the source question set will be removed. To complete the operation, click on 'OK'.

  • 10.What is the purpose of the testbank folder?
    Since the folder cannot be accessed by any other person than its owner, it represents a suitable location for your question sets and their descriptions. As it is inaccessible to other users by default - a measure which guarantees maximum security and confidentiality - its access rights need not be set manually.

    To access the testbank folder, enter the Study Materials section of File Manager and go to the sub-folder titled 'ROPOT'.

  • 11.Whenever I enter a colon as part of my question, the System reports an error. What is wrong?
    Each time you want to use a colon (':') in your question, remember to enter it as the following string: &# 58;. Please make sure you do not separate the pound (hash) sign and the number following it with a space since otherwise this would make the System view it as an answer object.

  • 12.Can I use CSS when creating questions?
    Yes, you can. To import style sheets, use the following:

    <style type="text/css">@import "/auth/el/fakulta/obdobi/predmet/cesta/styly/soubor.css";</style>

    Importing style sheets any other way (e.g. using the <link> tag) is not possible.

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