• 1.Where can I find my timetable?
    To go to your timetable, use the following path:

    Personal Administration Timetable ... Show timetable

    To display it, click on 'my student timetable' and then on 'Show timetable'.

    [1] select the type of timetable you want to display
    [2] click to display the selected type

    An alternative way of displaying your timetable is by clicking on the my timetable reference placed on the main IS page in the Timetable section.

  • 2.The page shows an old timetable. What am I supposed to do?
    Please ensure that the top of the page lists the right term, i.e. the one for which you want the timetable to be displayed. If this is not the case, select the right one.

    [1] selects another term
  • 3.The timetable does not list some of my courses. What is the problem?
    Provided you have already enrolled in some courses, it is only these that are listed in the timetable. The courses you have only registered for are not included. If you want the timetable to list the courses you have registered for as well, check the option 'include the courses I have only registered for, but not enrolled in'.

    [1] select the timetable type
    [2] this includes the courses you have only registered for

  • 4.Is there any way I can print my timetable?
    Yes, there is. First of all, use the following path:

    Personal Administration Timetable ... Show timetable

    To print your timetable, select 'my student timetable', choose the appropriate output format, and click on 'Show timetable'. This will display it in the form suitable for printing. Finally, proceed the same way you would if you were printing any other information in this format, i.e. using the Print option of the application loaded with the timetable.

  • 5.How shall I proceed to have a timetable for a certain period displayed?
    Provided you are a student, you can have your timetable for the current week displayed by clicking on 'my student timetable - only for the current week'.

    The timetable application also allows you to select any other week or specify any other period for which you want to have your timetable displayed.

    NB: Please make sure that you select the required type of timetable before specifying the period.

    [1] timetable type
    [2] timetable format
    [3] displays timetable of the specified period
    [4] displays timetable of the specified week

  • 6.How do I find courses that suit my timetable?
    Use the application Search Timetable; the link can be found under the displayed timetable in the Settings section.

    [1] click if you wish to search courses in the schedule
    [2] enter the application (without any preset data)

    If you wish to look up courses for an empty time slot in your timetable, select the option “include the option of searching for suitable courses.” An icon appears in the available time slots in the displayed timetable (as long as the time period is longer than 45 minutes). Clicking the icon takes you to a search application wish preset data.

    Timetable search can be limited by various criteria, e.g. only courses directly associated with a selected field of study, courses without seminar groups, or type of course completion.

    [1]searching the timetable

    The displayed list of courses includes the link to register the chosen course or information regarding the pass/fail prerequisites.

  • 7.What is the purpose of seminar groups?
    The existence of seminar groups allows you to select the times at which you want to attend the classes of the course. However, some courses do not offer this option.
  • 8.How can I enroll in a seminar group?
    You can select a seminar group to enroll in using the following path:

    Personal Administration Student Enroll in a seminar group or cancel your enrollment

    [1] check to select a seminar group
    [2] the seminar groups marked red cannot be registered for

    After clicking on the name of a course (or checking a course(s) and clicking on 'Show further information on the selected courses'), you will be taken to a page enabling you to enroll in its (their) seminar groups. It is only the ones marked green that are still open for enrollment. Check the groups you wish to enroll in and click on 'Save changes'.

  • 9.What shall I do to succeed in the group hunt? What is the quickest way of enrolling in a group?
    In some courses, students scramble for vacancies in the seminar groups, which leads to group hunts (usually starting at 17:00).

    To quickly enroll in seminar groups, please proceed as follows:
    After clicking on 'Enroll in a seminar group or cancel your enrollment', make sure the top of the page lists the right term (e.g. Autumn 2008). Click on the name of the course whose seminar group you want to enroll in. This takes you to the page listing all the seminar groups created under the course. Provided you perform the aforementioned operation before 17:00, i.e. prior to the start of the period during which it is possible to enroll in the groups, all of these are still marked red. At this stage, you are unable to enroll in any group. Nevertheless, each group contains the attempt to enroll reference that you can use any time before the start of and during the enrollment period. Clicking on the reference opens a new window and, provided the operation is performed after 17:00, you get enrolled in the group. However, the enrollment fails if the enrollment period has not started yet. In such a situation, though, you can keep reloading the newly opened page (using the Refresh button of your browser) until you succeed. You can even practice this operation right away or any other time prior to the start. It is also advisable to open several windows listing seminar groups of different courses and, switching between the windows and reloading them, continue trying to enroll in their seminar groups.
    Please remember to get ready for the hunt (prepare the windows) in advance since the workload of the System might increase dramatically at 17:00 preventing you from doing so in time.

    WARNING: Please do not use any programs refreshing the page contents automatically. The Information System will disconnect those users who overload it some other way than by clicking on its references.

    I want to find out what the current IS time is because I want to be ready to enroll in seminar groups at exactly 17:00.

  • 10.I want to find out what the current IS time is because I want to be ready for reservations at exactly 17:00.
    To find out what the current IS time is, please click on Current date and time (situated at the bottom of the main IS page). This reference will take you to the page displaying the current central time of the IS database. To update the displayed time, click on the Refresh/Reload button of your browser. The page closes automatically 15 seconds after you last refreshed it.

    Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the page will always display the right time. That is, if it takes the page longer than one second to load, please do not consider the time displayed current.

    The times other than the one displayed at the top of the page (if present due to the skin you have selected) should not be considered accurate since they may differ from the central time of the IS database, i.e. the one used by the registration application.

    Provided you wish to synchronize your computer with the Information System, please use the NTP protocol and NTP server of the Faculty of Informatics, which is utilized for setting the IS time.
    It is always only the central time of the IS database that you should rely on in course hunts.

  • 11.Can I exchange my seminar group with another student?
    Yes. By using the application Seminar Group Exchange,
    Personal Administration Student Seminar Group Exchange
    you can post an advertisement to exchange your existing seminar group. You can post your offer publicly to other students of the course or leave it hidden in case you want to safely swap seminar groups with a particular schoolmate. Only the students of the seminar groups you are interested in will see your post. If your advertisement is posted, anyone interested can immediately accept your offer; you will be notified by e-mail about the exchange. If you have posted the advertisement and you later unenroll from the course, your advertisement will become unavailable to other students.

    [1] notification about timetable clash with the demanded seminar group
    [2] note for those interested
    [3] posting an advertisement

    Note: If the system is overloaded, timetable clashes cannot be detected by the application.

    If you are interested in another student’s offer, click the “Exchange” button and the process will be automatically completed without the other party having to confirm.

    [1] exchanging seminar groups

    The Seminar Group Exchange is available during the seminar group enrollment period of the offered and demanded seminar groups.

  • 12.I am not able to enroll in a seminar group. What is the problem?
    You might not be able to enroll in the seminar group due to one (or more) of the following:
    • The period during which it is possible to enroll in seminar groups has not started yet. Although this period is usually the same for all the courses offered by the faculty, sometimes there might be some discrepancies in this respect (see the group-related information). To find out when the period starts, please consult the Term Calendar.
    • You have not enrolled in the course yet, i.e. your registration record is red.
    • The seminar group you want to enroll in is full, i.e. there are no longer any vacancies in it.

Provided you have failed to find the information you were searching for, you can contact us at istech(zavináč/atsign)fi(tečka/dot)muni(tečka/dot)cz.