• 1.How do I apply for recognition of courses?
    Apply for course recognition electronically in the section

    The Information system Student During studies Document Office Submit requests for course recognition from different studies
    First, in the upper right corner of the page, select the study for which the courses are to be recognized. Then select the study from which the courses are recognized directly in the application. From the selected study, it is possible to check one or more courses for which recognition is requested.

  • 2.How do I complete an application for recognition of courses?
    All data from the selected course will be automatically pre-filled in the application. It is therefore not necessary to re-document what is already registered in the IS, even if it is a study at another faculty. The following options can be selected in the application:
    Recognition including credits
    Recognize course incl. credits is possible only in some cases - study the Výklad Studijního a zkušebního řádu pro studenty. Courses from an internship abroad are recognized including credits.
    The course to be recognized in the target study
    The student has the opportunity to recognize a course with the same code as he studied in the original study. In this case, check the option "I do not want to trace another course, I want to have the original recognized". The second option is to have another course recognized, such as the one that is compulsory in the target study.


    The student has a compulsory course "Fundamentals of Economics" in the target study. Already in the past, he completed the course "Economics for Advanced Students" in another study. In this case, it is possible to apply for recognition of the course with a different code. Specific rules are set by the internal regulations of the faculty, such as the Dean's guidelines.

  • 3.How is the application processed?
    The application is processed in electronic form in the IS MU. The student no longer substantiates the statements of teachers or guarantors of the course. The decision on whether or not to accept the course is typically sent electronically via the Office of the Registrar. Here the student can also waive the right to appeal.

  • 4.Can more than one course be recognized as one new course?
    Yes, in this case fill in the application for each completed course separately. The system automatically combines requests for one target course.

  • 5.How do I cancel an application?
    If the faculty has not yet started processing the application, you can cancel the application in application

    The Information system Student During studies Document office List of my requests for course recognition from different studies
    via the "Cancellation of applications" link below the list of submitted applications.

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