Getting Started with is.muni.cz as a Student

  • 1.I find IS rather complicated. How can I learn to work with it?
    • Please read through this text (titled as 'Getting Started with is.muni.cz as a Student'). While reading, go over the corresponding references in IS to get a better idea of the purposes they serve.
    • Important: Make sure you are familiar with the duties you have as a student. These are described in the Help section. To get there, use the following path:

      Personal Administration Help Student .. Student's Duties and Basic Terms

    • Read through the main page of the Student section:

      Personal Administration Student

      Test the individual applications while browsing their help documentation.

    • Read through the Study and Examination Regulations:

      Personal Administration Help Student .. Study and Examination Regulations

    The sections mentioned above are intended to make you familiar with all the important terminology and operations you will perform in the future. As regards the other references on the main IS page, you will learn about these later.

  • 2.Fundamentals and Information on Accessing the System
    To log into the System, which you can do from anywhere on the Internet, you need to have your personal identification number (učo) and primary password. To enter the System for the first time, go to https://is.muni.cz and click on 'Personal Administration'. You will be prompted to enter your user name (use your personal identification number) and your primary password.

    [1] enter you personal identification number (učo) or user name
    [2] enter your (primary) password (not to be shared!)
    [3] click on "Log in" to enter the System

    If you do not know your primary password, please contact your faculty access rights administrators. For their contact information, please go to:

    https://is.muni.cz/ access rights administrators

  • 3.IS Structure
    The contents of IS pages as they are displayed to you depend on your position within MU. The individual sections consist of forms for you to fill in with various information (e.g. when you are enrolling in courses, editing your home address, selecting a dormitory you want to be accommodated in, etc.) , which you subsequently upload into a central computer. Apart from allowing you to enter the information, the System provides you with lots of important data related to courses, people at the school, statistics, etc. It also enables you to receive messages from your teachers.

    NB: All the operations performed within IS have the same value and validity as the official acts corresponding to these done in paper form.

  • 4.Main Applications for Students, Introductory IS Page
    The main IS page lists links to all the important sections and applications enabling you to find all you need to start using IS. We recommend you not to expand the main sections (in order to display their sub-sections with other links) as this is the way you can keep the main page simple and easy to navigate around. Once you become familiar with the main page, you can start expanding the sections and customize them the way that suits your needs. For further information on how to do so, go to this section.

    [1] Main Page - simple layout

    Registration for and Enrollment in Courses
    By registering for courses offered in the coming term, you in fact pre-enroll in them. Registration is only possible during registration periods. To find out when exactly you can register for courses, use the following path:

    Personal Administration Student Register for and Enroll in Courses When can I register for courses?

    You may register for any course (applies to the ones offered by other faculties as well), but please make sure you meet its enrollment pre-requisites. To find out what these are, use the following path:

    Student Register for and Enroll in Courses (Display) further information

    If your registration is not successful, i.e. the course registration record contains a red note, contact your Office for Studies or apply for the enrollment permission/exception. To do the latter, use this path:

    Student Register for and Enroll in Courses (Display) further information Submit enrollment permission/exception application

    During the enrollment period and the period of enrollment changes, it is still possible to register for and enroll in courses. Besides, during these periods, students are enrolled in courses provided their registration for these has been successful. It is only enrollment in the course that entitles students to attend its lessons and complete it. That is, the teacher cannot communicate with, and assess the work of, the students who have not enrolled in his/her course. The System requires students to confirm the list of the courses they have enrolled in at the end of period of enrollment changes. To confirm the list, use the following path:

    Student Confirm your new enrollment, please.

    Provided this is your first term at the University, you may have been registered for courses by your Office for Studies. In any case, check the courses in which you have been enrolled:

    Student Courses Enrolled in and Grades Obtained

    Term Calendar

    If you are not sure when the course registration period or course enrollment period, etc. start, please consult the printed copy of Course Catalogue or go to the application allowing you to browse term-related information using the following path:

    Personal Administration Studies Browse term-related information (details)


    To go to the list of the courses you have enrolled in, please use the following path:

    Personal Administration Timetable My timetable

    Application for dormitory accommodation/financial support for accommodation

    To submit an application for dormitory accommodation, please use the following path:

    Personal Administration Dormitory Dormitory application and its status

    To apply for the financial support for accommodation, please use the following path:

    Personal Administration Scholarship Application for financial support for accommodation

    Both the applications also enable you to find out whether or not you meet the criteria for being granted the accommodation/support.

    Checking Personal Data

    It is crucial that you check and confirm your personal data in Student Registry. To do so, please use the following path:

    Personal Administration Personal Check and change your personal data

    For some further information on the individual applications, go to the Help section:

    Personal Administration Help

    Provided you encounter a problem, feel free to contact our development team at istech@fi.muni.cz.

  • 5.How many credits do I have to gain to be allowed to enroll in another term?
    Every time you complete a course, you are awarded some credits for it. The information about the number of credits you have to gain to be entitled to enroll in another term can be found in the Study and Examination regulations. To go to the document, please use the following path:

    Personal Administration Help Student .. Study and Examination Regulations

    As regards the information about the number of credits you need to gain to graduate within the standard length of your studies, you can find this in your study plan located in the Course Catalogue (available in paper and electronic versions).

  • 6.Communication, Addresses
    The Information System facilitates the communication within the University. Every user has his/her own mailbox with the address of učo@mail.muni.cz. The mail in the mailbox can be retrieved from it with the aid of a Web interface (like in Web Mail). The System uses the mailbox as a destination for the messages notifying the user of his/her newly entered grades, teachers' announcements, faculty announcements, etc. Provided you use a reliable e-mail account outside the Information System, the IS mailbox can be configured to forward your mail to this account. It is every student's duty to read the messages delivered to the mailbox and follow the instructions they contain.
    Important Addresses
    Provided you experience some problems, have an IS-related suggestion to make or a question to ask, feel free to contact the IS development team. To do so, use the following address istech@fi.muni.cz. In the event of any problems, however, try to differentiate between the ones related directly to the System itself and those stemming from the incomplete data it contains. That is, the latter are usually caused by the IS users who have entered the data into the System. Hence, provided there is a course missing from the Course Catalogue, the System does not contain any information on when the registration period starts or if there are some other problems of a similar kind, please contact your Office for Studies https://is.muni.cz/studijni/. You might as well want to contact your teachers. Providing you wish to send someone e-mail and you do not know his/her address, you can look it up using the People section:

    Personal Administration People

    The application allows its users to access the personal page of the person searched for. The Profile tab enables you (apart from other things) to see the time the person last logged into the System, which gives you an idea of whether there is any point in getting in touch with him/her by e-mail (applies to, for instance, part-time staff, etc.). For the information on IS at your faculty, you can also contact your faculty IS administrator listed at https://is.muni.cz/spravci/.

    [1] e-mail addresses
    [2] link to the user's homepage
    [3] information about when the user last retrieved his/her e-mail or whether he/she is having it forwarded to another location
    [4] user's photo

    It is every IS user's duty to read the messages of high importance (marked red ) posted on the Noticeboard. The System displays these automatically on the main IS page.
    Personal Page
    If you are not particularly familiar with Web design, you will probably find a use for your personal page, which can be easily edited as well as fitted with your own material and accessed over the Internet. To find out more about the personal page options, read through some other sections of this Help page.

    To search for someone's personal page, go to the People section:

    Personal Administration People

    To edit your personal page, use the editing application at the following location:

    Personal Administration My Personal Page tab Profile .. change

  • 7.Obligations and Security
    The system allows the University community to use a wide range of services. To be seamlessly integrated in the academic life, it must be utilized in compliance with certain rules, which are binding. The same applies to the IS-related instructions issued by Dean's Offices of MU. Moreover, you are obliged to ensure maximum security when working with the System, i.e. keep your password secret and prevent other people from misusing it. Using another person's password and thus passing oneself off as him/her is strictly forbidden. Doing so would represent a serious breach of Study and Examination Regulations MU. After obtaining your primary password, you should change it immediately. To do so, use the following path:

    Personal Administration System Change password

    Please make sure you do not select the password which is easy to guess.Provided someone misuses the Information System using your personal identification information, you will be held liable for such an act as well.

    It is also advisable that you regularly check the section listing the times you logged into the System and the locations you did so from (see the section Use ... Mine for the details). Provided you find an extra record there indicating someone else has logged into the System under your identity, please inform the System administrators of the fact immediately.

    [1] Check out the history of your logging in the System.

    To be able to access the computers in computer-equipped classrooms, you need to have a secondary password, which you have probably obtained together with the is.muni.cz password. If you want to change this secondary password, please use the following path:

    Personal Administration System Change password

  • 8.Common Problems
    Forgotten password:
    If you do not know your primary password, you can have a new one created by one of the people listed at https://is.muni.cz/spravci/.

    Terms - selecting and switching between these
    Courses are offered for enrollment every term. Almost each IS page contains information about the faculty and term you last selected. As long as you are registering for courses, reserving slots on examination dates, or performing any other similar operation related to your studies, pay attention to the currently selected faculty and, most importantly, term. You can always switch between the faculties and terms using the icons situated at the top of the page.

    [1] switching between terms

    Switching between programmes of studies
    Just as you can select different terms, so you can switch between different programmes of studies you have enrolled in (provided you have done so).

    [1] switch between your programmes of studies

    Ending work with IS:
    Important: After you enter your password for logging in the System, your browser keeps it in its memory for the purpose of sending it to the server with each of your requests. This is to ensure the person sending the request is really you. Therefore, providing you want to end your work with the System, i.e. to log out, please click on the Log out icon situated in the top right-hand corner of the page.

    [2] logging out of IS

    Otherwise, the browser keeps your password in its memory and the person working with the computer after you left it can pass himself/herself off as you.

  • 9.Additional Information - Getting Started with the Internet
    Please read this section unless you are familiar with how to work with the Internet.

    • To be able to access the Information System, you need to have an Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) installed on your computer.
    • Use the text field in its upper part for entering the IS address, which is https://is.muni.cz/.
    • The blue text on the newly loaded page represents references to other pages.
    • Move the cursor over the 'Personal Administration' sign and click on it.
    • If you have never used your computer to access the Information System before, you will be prompted to install the IS security certificate (to do so, follow the instructions displayed).
    • To log in to the System, you have to enter your user name (use your personal identification number - učo) and password.
    • After entering the System, click on the underlined references to access the individual applications. Any time you fill in a form with some information, remember to send it to the server by clicking on the button titled as 'Save', 'Enter', or others of a similar kind. Filling in the form only will not cause the information entered to be saved.
    • Each page you will be taken to also contains a link to the one you have previously visited (or to the main IS page), which is usually situated at its bottom.
    • When you decide to end your work with the System, please click on the Log out icon situated in the top right-hand corner of the page.

    Electronic mail:
    At MU, the electronic mail is preferred to other modes of communication. Each time you decide to send an e-mail message to your Dean's Office, your teacher, IS administrators, etc., you should keep to the following rules:

    • First, remember to fill in the subject field of your message with some meaningful information specifying what the message concerns.
    • Second, provided you want to find a solution to a technical problem, describe it clearly (this proves to be an asset since IS houses more than 100 different applications) and, if possible, enclose the address of the page in question.
    • Finally, it is advisable to enclose your personal identification number as well.

    Following the aforementioned rules speeds up the reply process considerably.

  • 10.Summary
    The address from which you can enter the Information System is https://is.muni.cz/

    Please ensure that you:

    • retrieve your mail from your mailbox regularly
    • contact your Office for Studies whenever you encounter a problem related to your studies (go to https://is.muni.cz/studijni/)
    • use the following address to contact the right person in the event of an IS access problem (applies to situations where you, for instance, forget your password): https://is.muni.cz/spravci/
    • know during which periods the appropriate IS applications become accessible in order to be able to perform all the necessary operations (e.g. register for courses, check the list of courses you have enrolled in, check the grades your teachers uploaded into the System, reserve slots on examination dates, etc.)

    NB: The result of any operation performed via the Information System is binding and it has the same validity as if it had been achieved in paper form or by contacting the appropriate staff member. Anyone misusing the System will become subject to disciplinary action, which may eventually lead to expulsion.

Provided you have failed to find the information you were searching for, you can contact us at istech(zavináč/atsign)fi(tečka/dot)muni(tečka/dot)cz.