• 1.Who is an IS-technician and how to contact him/her?

    The faculty IS-technician is a consultant in the use of the IS in all departments of the respective faculty, and can support administrative staff and teachers in the use of the system. He/she can provide support in the form of:

    • consultation (face-to-face, email and online),
    • creating written help or instructions on how to use the applications, supplementing existing Help in the IS,
    • training for individuals and groups of users,
    • presentation of the possibilities of using the IS administrative agendas,
    • processing and forwarding suggestions to the Development Team.

    Contact your is-technician preferably at istech(zavináč/atsign)fi(tečka/dot)muni(tečka/dot)cz. To speed up communication, please include your university's identification number (i.e. učo) and the faculty you work for in your email.

    List of IS-technicians and their assignment to faculties: https://is.muni.cz/podpora/istech/.

  • 2.When can you use the support of an IS-technician?
    Course Catalogue
    • Editing basic or additional information of the courses,
    • entering attributes,
    • editing prerequisites,
    • creating registration or control templates.
    Office for Studies
    • Entering data into the Academic Records or checking study,
    • usage of bulk operations in the Office for Studies application,
    • entering scholarship data,
    • you need to send out a letter to students based on certain criteria using bulk selection,
    • working with the Thesis/Dissertation agenda, creating a Thesis/Dissertation Archive, entering reports,
    • preparing final state examination dates using electronic report validation,
    • printing various types of lists, reports, certificates, diplomas; exporting information from the IS.
    Topic Lists
    • Working with non-course/course topic lists,
    • you need to set up the validation of official assignments for theses/dissertations,
    • listing theses topics.

    Document Office
    • You wish to convert to electronic form a process that has previously only been done on paper,
    • you create files, enter tasks, and continue to manage your agenda through the document office,
    • you want to process a file that has been handed over to you or sign a document that has been sent to you,
    • you need to generate electronic decisions, modify existing decisions or otherwise modify actions in a particular agenda,
    • you need to designate a representative to act on your behalf in your absence.
    • You supervise or read students' final papers – entering course evaluations, uploading reports,
    • as a member of a programme board, you want to view a list of students in a particular program, view the full text of a supervisor's evaluation, or get a list of grades and credits with an overview of a doctoral student's publications.
    • You enter and manage publication activity in the Information System,
    • you need to edit a publication record,
    • you want to get information about all publication records according to specific criteria,
    • you are looking for a specific employee work in the University Repository.
    • You want to edit the program characteristics, information about the degree programme and study plan,
    • you need to edit and export personnel sheets required for accreditation,
    • you are interested in statistical data about the guaranted program.
    Management Data
    • You want to export data about the study fields (self-assessment reports),
    • you want to get statistical data on the number of students in individual faculties, programs or fields of study,
    • you need to get information about teaching or pedagogical performance,
    • you want to get an overview of your teaching activities.
    Shopping Center
    • You are organising a conference or workshop and want participants to pay the fee through the Shopping Center in the Information System,
    • you want to set up the sale of a service or product according to specific requirements.
    Admission Procedures
    • You are preparing the runs of the admission procedure,
    • you need to collect sections in the e-application form,
    • you want to generate invitations for admission examination or enrolment in e-application through the document office,
    • you're preparing protocols for PhD admissions examination dates.
    • Personnel Groups – you need to create an alias for a group of people; you want to automatically maintain a list of people or an access point based on different rules,
    • File Manager – you want to place files on a document server, on your web, or in your file repository, or other users' file repositories,
    • Regulations – you want to make your workplace employees aware of mandatory guidelines and measures,
    • EVAK – you plan to conduct an evaluation of academic staff using automatically calculated indicators,
    • Employee evaluation – you plan to conduct evaluation of non-academic staff using pre-prepared evaluation forms,
    • Surveys – you want to create a questionnaire or survey with advanced setup options,
    • Rights – you need to consult on the scope and implications of explicit access rights,
    • You have a suggestion for a new application or functionality that the IS could provide.

Provided you have failed to find the information you were searching for, you can contact us at istech(zavináč/atsign)fi(tečka/dot)muni(tečka/dot)cz.