• 1.Who is an IS technician and how to contact him?

    The faculty IS technician is an employee for increasing the level of IS use, a consultant in the field of IS use at all workplaces of the relevant faculty. It can be a support for administrative staff and teachers when using IS, for example in applications:

    • Course catalog (course templates)
    • Office for Studies
    • Teacher's Notebook (administrative part)
    • Files (Documents)
    • My Mail, Group e-mail
    • Others (File Depository, My web, Personnel Groups)

    Based on the knowledge of administrative processes in these applications, the IS-technician will provide you with support in the form of:

    • training for a group of users,
    • presentation of the possibilities of using IS administrative agendas,
    • consultation (personal, online or e-mail),
    • create written help or instructions for using applications, complete the existing Help in IS,
    • processes and forwards suggestions to the Development Team.

    It is best to contact him at istech(zavináč/atsign)fi(tečka/dot)muni(tečka/dot)cz. To speed up communication, please include your apprenticeship and the faculty you are working on in the e-mail.

    List of IS-technicians and their assignment to faculties: https://is.muni.cz/podpora/istech/.

  • 2.When can you use IS-technology support?
    Course catalog – when
    • you enter courses in the Course Catalog,
    • you create registration or control templates,
    • you adjust the prerequisites of the course,
    • you change the list of parent fields,
    • you want to set a limit for the number of students,
    • you update the list of people participating in the lessons,
    • you edit additional data of your courses (syllabi, syllabus, literature, ...),
    • you enter attributes,
    • you check the correctness of the entered data for the courses for which you are responsible.
    Office for Studies – when
    • you enter data into the Study Register,
    • you are using bulk operations in the Office for Studies application,
    • you enter information about scholarships,
    • you manipulate multiple studies at once and need to correctly select students for the list,
    • you need to send a letter to students / staff according to certain criteria by mass selection,
    • you are working with the Final Thesis agenda, you are creating the Final Thesis Archive, you are submitting reviews,
    • you enter grades or other assessments (notebooks) in the Teacher's Recorder, or in the Study application,
    • you control the study, you want to check en masse whether exam dates have been announced in courses, dealt with requests for exemptions, final theses have been introduced, marks have been introduced,
    • you check library loans for students before graduation,
    • you print different types of lists, reports, report cards, diplomas; you export information from IS,
    • you enter data into the Admission Procedure or modify the study application.
    Teacher's Notebook – when
    • you enter the awarded marks or other evaluation into the IS,
    • you want to list exam dates,
    • you work with seminar groups of your subjects,
    • you want to update the lecture syllabus and your other (teacher) information for the Course Catalog,
    • you want to edit student lists,
    • you send emails to your students.
    Topic Lists – when
    • you work with topic lists,
    • you list the topics of final theses,
    • you want to list the topics of papers to your students using IS.

    Files – when
    • you want to place files on a document server, on your website or in a File Depository.
    • you are interested in effectively learning to use a file manager in IS,
    • you want to learn how to use an HTML editor to insert and easily edit files directly in the IS.
    Personnel Groups
    • you want to use groups of people, for example, to send group emails.
    File Depository
    • chcete předat soubory jiným uživatelům,
    • you want to pass files to other users, you want to keep your own files for a limited time.
    My Web
    • you are interested in running your website in the IS space.

Provided you have failed to find the information you were searching for, you can contact us at istech(zavináč/atsign)fi(tečka/dot)muni(tečka/dot)cz.