Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, has been running and developing the Information System since 1999. It currently hosts numerous applications utilized for managing study-related records, e-learning tools and those facilitating communication inside the University. It is used by 30,000 users (of the total of 44,000 students and staff members) a day.

The development team have designed a unique technology for the system of this scale to run smoothly. The System was awarded the ISA Award 2009 and EUNIS Elite Award in 2005. Having been successfully implemented at Masaryk University, it is also being put into operation at other schools.

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Administration and development:

Hardware and software running the System:

IS MU runs on more than 300 processor cores installed in more than 50 computers with 1,2 TB RAM memory and the disk space of about 200TB.

Altix UV Kabeláž Rack Tux

Each component of the System is backed up with at least one of its copies. The images above show the following (from left):

  1. main database server SGI Altix UV 100 used for advanced database operations
  2. rear side of the tower housing computer module node connections
  3. towers hosting database, application and support computers
  4. Tux the penguin (Linux mascot) guarding the System and its database

Most of the computers run Linux, Apache Web server and Oracle database. The IS applications have been written in Perl and utilize a wide range of freely available modules.

Information on IS MU use:

Numbers of is.muni.cz users that logged into the System on the same day:

Numbers of is.muni.cz users that logged into the System on the same day

Numbers of is.muni.cz pages opened per day:

Numbers of is.muni.cz pages opened per day