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Věrní a rozumní. Kapitoly o ekologické zpozdilosti (ilustrace B. Lacina)

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The Faithful and Reasonable: Chapters on the Delay in Environmentalism
This book follows the successful titles The Colourful and the Green: Chapters on Voluntary Simplicity and The Half-Hearted and the Hesitant: Chapters on Ecological Luxury. The author poses the question of why, at a time of continuing devastation of nature, people’s interest in nature conservation has been decreasing. Are the media to blame, or is our numbness toward ecological problems perhaps rooted in our mental makeup that tends to supress unpleasant realities? The author also wants to find out why some people have remained faithful to nature. To get to the answers, she applies sociological, philosophical, psychological, and theological perspectives. An unexpected question then arises that may surprise some readers: Why should we actually protect nature when it can take care of itself? It is not weak – it is strong and cruel. Librová’s students Vojtěch Pelikán, Lucie Galčanová, and Lukáš Kala interview the children of “the Colourful,” too: Have they inherited their parents’ modest lifestyle? Hana Librová is biologist and sociologist …more

Hana Librová, Vojtěch Pelikán, Lucie Galčanová, Lukáš Kala

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