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Super Intensive Czech (spring 2021) early bird

Before applying and paying, please note that unfortunately, due to the spread of COVID-19 and unpredictable developments, the classes in the second semester (January to May) might be online. The final decision will be communicated by 1st November 2020.
3,550 EUR (early bird - includes teaching/learning materials, does not include accommodation)
The payment deadline - 1st November 2020. If the payment is not made by this deadline, the applicant cannot be accepted.

  • Super Intensive Czech (spring 2021)

    Six Months' Super Intensive Course of Czech for Foreigners
    The intensive course is intended for foreign students who wish to pursue higher education in the Czech Republic. No previous knowledge of Czech is needed; the course is designed for complete beginners and lasts 6 months.
    You will learn to actively communicate in common life situations as well as attain communication basics in the area of your specialization. Specialized preparation for your studies will be in the form of individual consultations and e-learning with focus on self-study.

    One of the main outcomes of the course is to contribute to the successful passing of entrance examinations to a university or another higher education institution in the Czech republic. However, the scope of the course is much wider and will enable you integrating in the Czech society without any worries about social, cultural and language barriers. Individual approach to students and their needs is emphasized. The course will be completed by passing the final exam.
    - Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation
    - Everyday life situations
    - Czech history and culture
    - Side events (university lectures and seminars, cultural events)
    The course aims at fast mastering and deepening language, social and cultural knowledge and skills. The main goal is to prepare students for future higher education studies conducted in the Czech language.
    Admission requirements
    - fill in and send an electronic application and a copy of the passport
    - submit a document proving the completion of secondary education, no later than at the beginning of the course
    - pay the course fee
    - confirmation of admission will be issued upon payment
    - in case visa is not granted, the course fee shall be refunded in full
    - information about visa issues
    The course will be completed by passing the final examination and obtaining the certificate of completion.
    570 lessons
    (6 lessons a day, 30 lessons per week, 19 weeks, 6 months)
    11 January – 21 May 2021: 19 weeks
    24 May – 28 May 2021: week of preparation for the final exam
    31 May – 4 June 2021: 1st round of final exam
    6 September – 10 September 2021: resits
    Teaching/learning materials
    The nature of the course enables tailoring the teaching/learning materials to the users’ needs. We will use both the traditional textbooks of Czech as a foreign language and supplementary and authentic resources.
    Students will be admitted to the final examination only if their attendance has not dropped below 70 %.
    Final examination
    - final exams will take place from 31 May to 4 June 2021
    - upon successfully passing the final exam, students will get a certificate of completion of the course and of the final exam according to the level achieved
    - if a student fails the final exam, there is a possibility to resit
    - this is not the Final State Examination!
    The course will be taught by lecturers of Masaryk University Language Centre, who have long-term experience in teaching as well as systematic study of didactics, resulting in the most efficient language instruction and support.

Total: 3 550 EUR incl. VAT
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