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Ztráta průkazu studenta kombinovaného studia na Přírodovědecké fakultě

Loss of a Student ID card for combined studies at the Faculty of Science

Price for an ISIC card in case of loss, theft, or damage.

    Intended for full-time students at the Faculty of Science.

    Loss and damage. If the identification card is lost or its identification or technological elements are damaged, the person is obliged to apply to the relevant office for the issuance of a new card. In these cases, the person pays the full price of the new card.

    Note: It is necessary to first ask the Study department / Office for Doctoral Studies to deactivate the old card and then order a new card. The Shopping centre is used exclusively for payment.

    Doctoral students:
    Before placing an order, please contact Kristyna Bajgarova (549 49 5051, - in person / by phone / e-mail

    You can pick up the ordered and paid student card at the Study Department (bachelor's and master's studies) or at the Office for Doctoral Studies (doctoral studies) of the Faculty of Science.

    You can find out if your payment has already been credited to your MU account in the My Orders app (usually, it takes about 3 business days).

Total: 220 CZK incl. VAT
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Can be ordered until 31/5/2023 inclusive