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The Sex and Gender Dimesnion in Biomedical Research – online course

    • Pan-university studies
    (in Czech)
    Module One - Introduction to Sex and Gender in Research - In this module you will become familiar with the main themes and challenges of the Sex and Gender Dimension of Research (SGR). You will learn how to use correctly the terms sex and gender, You will also see some examples showing the importance of adding a sex and gender dimension in biomedicine.
    Module Two - How to Integrate Sex analysis in Research - This module introduces basic steps as how to introduce sex as a biological variable in your experiments and acquire a sex and gender lens.You will be guided through all steps of your research: from analysis of relevance to literature search, from in vitro and in vivo research up to reporting.
    Module Three - Case Studies - This module provides examples of basic research that incorporate a sex and gender dimension. Challenges and opportunities are analyzed by Prof. Gian-Paolo Dotto (University of Lausanne and Massachusetts General Hospital) in a conversation with Dr. Susanna Chiocca from LIBRA.

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