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Předmostí. Building an authentic museum

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This volume reports on an excavation project aimed at preserving a site for public display rather than analyzing it in detail. Nevertheless, several conclusions should be underlined: 1. The complex of two Gravettian layers was related to a cold and dry, but generally milder climate of the interpleniglacial (MIS 3). The majority of the paleontological and archaeological material belongs to the lower layer. 2. Spatially, the 2006 excavation belongs to the southern zone of Předmostí I which is interpreted as a depository and specific activity area (in contrast to the northern zone which display rather a residential character). 3. The part excavated in 2006 is dominated by the accumulation of large bones in the center while the small lithic artifacts and mineral dye fragments are accumulated rather on the trench peripheries. 4. The faunal composition (mainly from the lower layer) is dominated by mammoth, followed by wolf, reindeer, fox, hare, and bear. A large portion of the discovered bones were burnt, while other traces of human activity on the bones are rare. 5. As a part of the complex Gravettian (Pavlovian …více

Jiří Svoboda, Jan Mikulík, Martin Novák, Michaela Polanská, Zdeněk Schenk, Jaroslaw Wilczyński, Piotr Wojtal
Obsah knihy
  • ISBN 978-80-210-6189-7
  • Počet stran: 79
  • Vazba brožovaná
  • Formát 210 x 295 mm
  • Obor antropologie
  • Rok vydání: 2013

Celková cena: 150 Kč vč. DPH
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