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Rodičovské dráhy. Dvacet let vývoje české porodnosti v sociologické perspektivě

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Parenting pathways. Twenty years of Czech birth rate development in sociological perspective
The team of authors from the Masaryk University presents a comprehensive sociological report on the stand of today’s Czech men and women on parenthood. How has the fertility rate changed in recent decades in our country? Is it really low enough to bring serious consequences? How does the timing and context change? How do the differences in behaviour of various groups evolve based on their levels of education and are there regional differences? Seeking the answers, the authors worked on a unique data source – a database of all children born between 1993 and 2012. This sort of rare and exhaustive longitudinal data have not yet been analysed so the interpretation offers a completely new perspective.

Petr Fučík, Beatrice Elena Chromková Manea

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