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For bank transfers from foreign bank accounts, please provide the following information:
Příjemce / Beneficiary:
Číslo účtu příjemce / Ben. account No. / IBAN:CZ43 0100 0000 0000 8563 6621
Jméno, Název / Beneficiary:Masarykova univerzita
Ulice (P.O.BOX) / Address:Žerotínovo nám. 9
Město, PSČ / City, ZIP:Brno, 601 77
Země / Country:Česká republika
Banka příjemce / Benef. bank:
Název / Beneficiary's bank:Komerční banka, nám. Svobody 21, Brno, 631 31
Poplatek / Detail of charges:OUR / SHA / SLV
Účet pro poplatky / Account No.for charges:must not be a Masaryk University account
Vyplatit šekem / Pay by cheque:use "NO"
Please make sure that you also enclose the following information with the payment order:
  • give the sum in the currency CZK
  • the variable symbol identifier associated with the order placed with the Shopping Center as well as the customer's name (use the "Details of Payment" (or similar) section for this purpose)

If your bank allows you to do so, please use the OUR payment instruction. If not, use the SHA or SLV payment instructions.

Are you going to pay an application fee? If so, please read through the instructions on paying the application fee.