English-language Translation

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This study programme is focused on theoretical and practical aspects of translation, primarily English-Czech. The emphasis is placed on technical (non-literary) translation. The core of the programme is a series of type A/required courses focused on translation theory, translation practice, and Czech and English linguistics. The remainder of the programme consists of type B/selective and type C/elective courses focused on specific types of translation and issues associated with them.


After successfully completing his/her studies the graduate is able to:

  • have written and spoken English-language competence at the C2 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • have a deep knowledge of pure and applied translation theory and current translation norms
  • have very good practical skills relevant for translating a wide range of text types, with a focus on non-literary translation
  • work independently and conduct critical analyses of language in use and intercultural communication

Graduates of this degree programme should be able to work independently as translators and interpreters and provide comprehensive consulting services in written and oral intercultural English–Czech and Czech–English communication. They should also be able to work for a number of public institutions, including local and national government offices, the media, international organizations, and NGOs, and in the private sector, where high-level English-language skills, English-Czech translation skills, and communicative and analytical skills are required.


In order to be allowed to sit for the Master’s final state examination (AJ69999), a single subject student has to earn at least 120 credits while fulfilling the following requirements:

a. successfully complete the following type A/required courses (39 credits) and finish them with an exam: AJ69010, AJ69011, AJ69012, AJ69013, AJ69039, AJ69041, AJ69043, AJ69022, CJBB119;

b. pass the English language exam (AJ21110 + AJ21120) in the course of the studies or have recognized an accepted certificate in accordance with the criteria specified on the Department web site;

c. acquire 59 credits from other courses in the Department of English and American Studies; of this total, at least 40 credits must be from courses beginning with the codes AJ6…. AJ22… or AJ290…;

d. meet the University requirements concerning another foreign language (4 credits).

e. pass Master’s Thesis Seminars I and II (AJ69800 and AJ69801, 20 credits total).

f. write and defend the Master’s major (diploma) thesis (AJ69850). The process of writing a Master’s diploma thesis usually lasts at least three semesters: in the first semester, students prepare for writing and submit assignments in the electronic Thesis Seminar I (AJ69800), in the second semester, they write the thesis and gain credits for that in Thesis Seminar II (AJ69801), and in the third semester, they finish and hand in the thesis.


The Master’s state examination has two parts: the defence of the Master’s diploma thesis (there is no defence for the Master’s non-diploma thesis) and an oral examination of five books in the student’s chosen track (which must correspond with both the submitted thesis and coursework) selected from the following lists:


In this part of the exam, students are expected to demonstrate their knowledge of the selected texts, be able to place them with a broader theoretical context, and, if relevant, relate them to the specific research topic(s) addressed in their thesis.

The result of a sit-in translation, written several days prior to the state exam, will count as one the first of the questions asked in the examination.


Graduates may continue on to the doctoral degree study programme in English linguistics.


Field of study specifications

Field of Study: English-language Translation
Abbreviation: PAJ
Code: 7310T293
Type: Master's degree programme (following the Bachelor's one)
Degree: Mgr.
Accreditation: to 31/12/2024
Programme: N6107 N-HS Humanities
Faculty of Arts
Field of study guaranteed by:
Faculty of Arts