Doctoral degree programme, full-time study mode, Czech, 4 years 
Doctoral degree programme, combined form, Czech, 4 years 
Doctoral degree programme, full-time study mode, English, 4 years 
Doctoral degree programme, combined form, English, 4 years 
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Kinanthropology as a doctoral study programme has been designed for Master's degree graduates at universities or divisions which provide full tertiary education.

The doctoral study programme of Kinanthropology focuses on developing independent creative activity related to research and development within the field of Kinanthropology. The aim of the studies is to deepen the theoretical knowledge acquired during the Master's studies and gain the skills of scientific work in Kinanthropology, concerning both independent work and working as a member of some of the faculty’s research teams.


After successfully completing his/her studies the graduate is able to:

  • work both independently and in a research team within the field of kinanthropology
  • study of motor features, manifestations and structures of human movement and motor system
  • analyse movement in relation to other phenomena (movement routine, lifestyle etc.)
  • affect the development of human motor systems and movement

Graduates of the doctoral study programme find their vocational position as teachers and researchers in the field of Kinanthropology at universities.


The standard duration of the studies is 4 years; the maximum duration of the studies is equal to double the standard duration.

There are two forms of studies: full-time and combined following an individual study plan under the management of a supervisor or consultant. The supervisor may be a member of the academic staff with the degree of professor or associated professor.

The semester credit system applies for doctoral studies.

All students of doctoral studies at the Faculty of Sports Studies of Masaryk university have to finish required subjects.

It is important to take into account the other obligations in the curriculum: (1) working in a laboratory, data collection, operation of devices depending on the topic of the Doctoral Thesis.

(2) participation in teaching (3) publishing


Work experience is not an obligatory part of the study plan.


The studies are completed by passing the State Doctoral Examination and defending the doctoral thesis.

The State Doctoral Examination covers checking the candidate’s knowledge on a wide range of issues from Kinanthropology and in the areas of general as well as specific methodology of scientific research in Kinanthropology. At the same time, it checks knowledge of the interdisciplinary fields of anthropomotorics and biomechanics, physiology, sports medicine, psychology, philosophy, sociology and pedagogy of sports.

Defending the doctoral thesis is a part of the State Doctoral Examination.

The Doctoral Thesis must be submitted by the student before the maximum duration of the studies elapses. The form and content of the thesis must comply with the criteria for academic work and it must contain the original results of independent theoretical and creative research.

The studies are duly completed by passing the State Doctoral Examination and by successful defence of the doctoral thesis.


Field of study specifications

Field of Study: Kinanthropology
Abbreviation: KINA
Code: 7403V001
Type: doctoral degree programme
Degree: Ph.D.
Accreditation: to 31/12/2024
Programme: P7405 D-KI4 Kinanthropology (4-years)
Faculty of Sports Studies
Field of study guaranteed by:
Faculty of Sports Studies
Field guarantor:
doc. PaedDr. Emanuel Hurych, Ph.D.