Nutrition therapist for child nutrition and Nutrition therapist for adult nutrition

‘Let your food be your medicine’

Master's degree programme, full-time study mode, single-subject, Czech, 2 years 
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By completing the study programme, students earn the qualification to work as specialized nutritional therapists in adult and child nutrition. During their studies, they obtain the necessary theoretical knowledge, practical and teamwork skills, and the ability to make independent decisions within the scope of practice set by the applicable legislation (Act no. 31/2010 Coll.) for child and adult nutrition.

The programme is grounded in interdisciplinary and systemic approach, professional communication, and preventive as well as therapeutic interventions.

The study programme allows students to obtain specialized professional competence as ‘clinical practice mentors in nutritional therapy’ in the areas of qualification training, specialized training of non-physician healthcare professionals, and onboarding of new employees in nutrition therapy.


After successfully completing his/her studies the graduate is able to:

  • Develop information materials for patients.
  • Educate patients (or other persons that patients want to be informed) about special diets.
  • Monitor and assess the patient’s condition with regard to possible complications and emergencies.
  • Instruct other healthcare professionals in his/her area of specialization.
  • Evaluate the quality of provided care.
  • Identify activities that require a change in procedure, conduct research to find the causes of deficiencies in provided care, and create favourable conditions to apply the research findings in clinical practice at his/her workplace and elsewhere.
  • Provide specialization education in their own field of specialization.
  • Provide guidance (mentoring) to students during practical training, to participants of specialization courses, and to new employees in nutrition therapy during onboarding.

Graduates can work in hospitals and other healthcare facilities as well as in other sectors (healthcare institutions specializing in medical nutrition therapy, providing expert advice in the catering industry, professional consulting services in food and meal production); in nutritional counselling and specialized counselling (such as diabetic clinics, obesity clinics, healthy lifestyle clinics, etc.) for both children and adults; the National Institute of Public Health; food, water, and product safety authorities; spas; social care institutions, and hospices.

This practically oriented Master’s study programme allows students to acquire qualification for working in both state and private healthcare institutions in accordance with Act no. 96/2004 Coll.


The standard length of the study programme is four semesters. Before taking the final state examination, students must obtain a total of 120 ECTS credits.

During the course of their studies, students need to follow the course catalogue for their year of matriculation. Course catalogues for individual years can be found on the faculty website.


Supervised practical training (425 hours of individual and group training) is a compulsory part of the curriculum.

By applying theoretical information in practice, students can broaden, consolidate, and further develop their practical knowledge and skills in assessing the nutritional status of adults and children with various diseases, developing specialized nutrition care plans for individual patients, and educating patients before they are discharged.

Practical training is designed as a practically oriented course and follows a set training plan. It allows students to apply their theoretical knowledge and practical skills obtain during theoretical instruction in practice. It also gives them the opportunity to hone their skills and behaviours and to become autonomous professionals who bear responsibility for the results of their teaching practice. During practical training, students observe real-life situations and educate and inform clients under the guidance of a supervisor with experience in teaching.


The final state examination is a comprehensive exam grounded in the curriculum of the study programme and includes the following subject areas: community nutrition care (Community Nutrition and Health Care, Nutrition for Exercise and Sports Performance, Food Safety) child nutrition (Paediatric Nutrition, Diabetology, Paediatric Oncology, Obesitology), adult nutrition (Psychology of Nutrition, Nutrition in Intensive Care, Diabetology, Obesitology, Applied Pharmacology, Gerontology, Nutrition in Psychiatry, Nutrition Therapy for Gastrointestinal Tract Disorders, Nutrition Therapy for Renal Disorders.)

A practical exam and defence of the Master’s thesis are also part of the final state examination.


After completing the Master's study programme and fulfilling any admission requirements, students can enrol in any doctoral degree programme.


Field of study specifications

Field of Study: Nutrition therapist for child nutrition and Nutrition therapist for adult nutrition
Abbreviation: NUT
Code: 5345T032
Type: master's degree programme (following the bachelor's one)
Degree: Mgr.
Accreditation: to 31/12/2024
Programme: N5345 N-SZ Specializations in Health Science
Faculty of Medicine
Field of study guaranteed by:
Faculty of Medicine
Field guarantor:
prof. MUDr. Bc. Zuzana Derflerová Brázdová, DrSc.