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This study programme targets students who would like to obtain comprehensive knowledge in the area of computer science and at the same time learn the latest knowledge in the rapidly developing fields of bioinformatics and computational systems biology. The student can focus either on the processing and analysis of biological data or on the usage of formal methods for modelling and prediction of the behavior of biological processes.


After successfully completing his/her studies the graduate is able to:

  • Identify, adapt and develop models appropriate to the study of a range of different Bioinformatics projects.
  • Be able to make an expert use of software tools embodying the most recent theoretical advances in their area of research.
  • Make creative use of known information, methods, concepts and theories in new situations.

A typical graduate should be able to propose methods of analysis of bioinformatic data and evaluate or develop appropriate computing tools to manipulate and present such data. He or she will be able to design and implement computing systems for bioinformatic use. The graduate should be able to address problems from a bioinformatic perspective and communicate efficiently with colleagues in a multidisciplinary environment. Areas currently using bioinformatics include biology, modern biotechnology, medicine and forensic science.


Standard duration of studies is four semesters. In order to be admitted to take the final state examination, students must acquire in total 120 ECTS credits for required, selective and elective courses. Required subjects constitute the basis of the disciplines. Students choose the selective courses according to their interests and intended professional specialisation. During the course of their studies, students should follow the course catalogue for their year of matriculation. The catalogue shows a recommended course of study including suggestions for selective courses. Students can access the course catalogue at the Office for Studies or through the faculty website:


The final state examination consists of a diploma thesis defence and an oral exam aimed at checking the field-related knowledge of the students. There is no written preparation to the exam and the student answers two to three questions asked by the examination committee. The final state examination typically takes about sixty minutes, half of which is taken by the thesis defence and half by the oral exam.

More information about the final state exam and the questions can be found at the faculty website:


After the completion of the Master’s studies, students may choose to continue their studies in any Doctoral degree programme at Faculty of Informatics (after satisfying the admission requirements).


Field of study specifications

Field of Study: Bioinformatics
Abbreviation: BIO
Code: 1802T026
Type: Advanced Master's state examination
Degree: RNDr.
Accreditation: to 31/12/2024
Programme: R1802 Rig-AP Applied Informatics
Faculty of Informatics
Field of study guaranteed by:
Faculty of Informatics