Security & Strategic Studies

An (in)secure world demands strategic behavior.

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The study field of Security and Strategic Studies is a Master's Degree focused on broad as well as deep knowledge of security issues and strategic thinking. The aim of the program is to introduce students to the contemporary attributes and possibilities of security research and strategy and to the application of theories and concepts in this area, primarily from the political science perspective. Attention focuses on analytical and theoretical aspects. Various approaches to security and strategy are taken into account. Theoretical, methodological, and analytical skills are developed in individual courses.


After successfully completing his/her studies the graduate is able to:

  • independently analyze security phenomena and processes;
  • predict the future development of security and strategic issues;
  • compare the security policy of various actors;
  • apply important elements of theories and methods and strategic thinking;
  • analyze and solve conflicts with a relevance to security;

The graduates of the Security and Strategic Studies (Mgr. - study) have wide range of employment possibilities:

security analysts in governmental and non-governmental spheres;

security forces (Mgr. according to the Law 361/2003);

higher levels of diplomacy;

leading security advisors in privat spehere;

specialized security and strategic media;

security researchers and scholars.


The master's degree in the field of Security and Strategic Studies at the Faculty of Social Studies is designed to take 4 semesters; this usually includes three semesters of courses, with the fourth semester devoted to the completion of a security-related internship and writing a master thesis (including graduation from the diploma seminar). The study is designed as a credit-based study according to the ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). During the program the order of registration of courses is not fixed (unless a course has prerequisites).

The study program is completed by the Master Final State Examination. Students can register for the Final State Examination at the end of the master's program. They are required to complete a total of 120 credits (ECTS) of the degree program. A total of 69 credits must be obtained in required courses and 51 credits in elective and optional courses: of these, at least 39 credits must come from elective courses. The ECTS obtained for competing the minimal language competence are included in the optional courses.


The "Security Internship" course is a required course for the study. This course is intended as practical training in a security institution. The main objective is students' application of the knowledge they have gained. Students should be able to understand and handle everyday concerns related to security issues and processes.


The final exam consists of the thesis defense and the two subjects of the Final State Examination (Current Approaches to Security Research and Strategy; Security and Strategic Analysis). The content of the two subjects is defined by the subject areas and literature assigned in required courses.

An oral examination in two subjects immediately follows the thesis defense. This examination takes the form of asking questions by committee members (based on subject areas and the required literature).


After completion of the Masters studies, it is possible to attain the degree of PhDr. in the field of Security and Strategic Studies (thesis defense and exam are required). It is also possible (after meeting the admission requirements) to continue in the doctoral study program. At the Faculty of Social Studies, students can apply for admission to a follow-up doctoral study (PhD.) in Political Science.


Field of study specifications

Field of Study: Security & Strategic Studies
Abbreviation: BSS
Code: 6701T014
Type: Advanced Master's state examination
Degree: PhDr.
Accreditation: to 31/12/2024
Programme: R6701 Rig-PL Political Science
Faculty of Social Studies
Field of study guaranteed by:
Faculty of Social Studies