Literature and Interculture Communication

Literature helps us understand the world around us.

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The study of Literature and Intercultural Communication equips students with a wide range of knowledge in the history and theory of contemporary Czech and world literatures, contemporary art history, and general cultural paradigms. A very significant part of the study programme is aimed at the development of analytical, interpretative, and creative skills when dealing with texts both in Czech and in foreign languages, including the development of translator multimodal competences.


After successfully completing his/her studies the graduate is able to:

  • master vital knowledge and skills in literary science, linguistics, the science of culture, and media theory and practice
  • master the history of Czech literature and relevant foreign literatures since the late 1800s in a wide artistic, historical, and philosophical context
  • analyse and interpret literary and media discourse in Czech and in a foreign language of their choice
  • critically evaluate texts regarding their usability in different media
  • translate a foreign text into Czech; adapt a text or information into any required genre in terms of composition, style, and discourse
  • proofread and edit any type of text (printed, internet, digital, multimedia)
  • formulate critical and commercial texts covering a wide range of practical situations (semantic analysis of translation, translation criticism, literary review, expert opinion, annotation, and web presentation)
  • understand a literary text in the context of other kinds of art (fine arts, music, film)

Graduates can work in professions that require special expertise in topics related to cultural and intercultural communication. The graduates will be prepared to work as literary scholars, translators, publishing editors, proofreaders, producers, web and multimedia presentation designers, designers and target language adaptors of translation software, cultural editors in different media, spokespersons, PR managers, and as lecturers of artistic and communication skills in adult education. They can also work in state administration institutions focusing on culture and cultural production.


The standard length of studies is four semesters. To be admitted to the final state examination, students in the single-subject study programme must earn a total of 120 credits for type A/required and type B/selective courses; students in the double-subject study programme must earn a total of 70 credits. Required courses largely constitute the academic profile of the field and their proportion is 75 credits for the single-subject study programme and 60 credits for the double-subject study programme (including the credits for courses dedicated to preparing the Master’s thesis or Master’s minor thesis). Selective courses are chosen by students based on their interest and future vocation.

During the course of their studies, students should follow the study catalogue valid for their year of matriculation. The study catalogues for the individual years of matriculation are available at the Faculty of Arts website.


The final state examination consists of exams in the type A/required and type B/selective or type C/elective field.

Type A/required: oral examination in Czech literature and culture in an international context from the early 20th century to the present.

Type B/selective: students will apply a methodological or theoretical conception of their own choice (from literary theory, literary studies, intermediality, or adaptation studies) to an analysis of a specific text or work of art.

Type C/elective: students will apply a methodological or theoretical conception of their own choice (from theory and strategy of communication or translation studies) to an analysis of a specific text or work of art.


Graduates can enrol in a doctoral degree study programme in a philological or humanities field.


Field of study specifications

Field of Study: Literature and Interculture Communication
Abbreviation: LMK
Code: 7310T335
Type: master's degree programme (following the bachelor's one)
Degree: Mgr.
Accreditation: to 31/12/2024
Programme: N6107 N-HS Humanities
Faculty of Arts
Field of study guaranteed by:
Faculty of Arts