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The study programme prepares its graduates for academic work in this field of study. The core is individual academic training of the students, especially an enlargement of their methodological and discipline competences, above all focused on preparation of the dissertation thesis.

This preparation is supported by compulsory methodology subjects and disciplines focused on new findings in basic pedagogical disciplines. The compulsory subjects enable the students to specialize according to their individual specialization as well as their dissertation thesis topic.


After successfully completing his/her studies the graduate is able to:

  • Master deep knowledge of the basic disciplines related to the field of study and discuss it in academic discourse with the expert public
  • Outline and realize a pedagogic and socially pedagogic survey, evaluate its findings
  • Master particular methodologies of a specific issue research
  • Discuss the latest academic findings with students in seminars
  • Display the findings of a survey with the academic public through studies published in acknowledged magazines, in the form of e.g. a monograph or presentation at a local or international conference
  • Cooperate with the experts of other academic departments in the national and international spheres

The graduate has to skills to work at faculties where pedagogic disciplines are accredited, at research and development institutes, where educational issues are discussed using academic methodology, or even in managerial positions at primary or secondary schools.

The objective of the programme is to prepare students for academic work in the field of social education, i.e. to provide them with academic preparation of high quality, which is based on the tradition of local and international research, both theoretical and empirical.


The programme Social Education belongs to the study programme Education, so it consists of core subjects which form the theoretical and methodological disciplines:

Education as a Science of the Reality of Education

Philosophy of Education

Research Methodology

Quantitative and Qualitative Methods of Educational Research

The study specialization consists of required and selective disciplines, which form the basics of the field of study. The required part contains:

Social Education – with an emphasis on knowledge of social and social education theories

Applied Social Education – enables the graduate to understand the causes of social behaviour, communication and interaction.

Social Education Methodology – enables the graduate to master the particular strategies, methods and techniques which are specific for learning about social pathology issues.

The selective part (the student chooses one discipline out of the list offered) enables the student to specialize in topics related to their dissertation thesis.

Leisure Time Education – theory and methodology of research

Multicultural Education - theory and methodology of research

Social Pathology - theory and methodology of research

The system of continuous supervision of the dissertation and the system providing improvement of skills and knowledge of the chosen topic is provided by these subjects:

Preparation of the Dissertation

Professional Orientation in the Field of Study

The basic programme also contains a foreign language specialization, with an emphasis on knowledge of two foreign languages and is provided by the subjects:

Foreign Language 1 for academic purposes

Foreign Language 2 for academic purposes

Entry levels are B2 (foreign language 1) and B1 (foreign language 2) according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


During their studies the students experience teaching practice at primary and secondary schools and at other institutions, where they realize their dissertation research, or during the tuition of seminars for students of full-time and combined study modes. The teaching obligation of PhD students is 4 lessons per week (under the supervision of the department and the dissertation supervisor).


Besides the obligation to pass all the required and selective options, there are also the following conditions:

Publication of 4 of the student's own articles, out of which 2 are published in a magazine ranked in databases: WOS ISI, SCOPUS, ERIH or in a magazine recognized by The List of Reviewed and Non-impacted Periodicals Published in the Czech Republic).

Two active participations in local conferences, two active participations in conferences abroad, or educational stays (1 week minimum for each).

Proven knowledge of 2 foreign languages for academic purposes

Social Education work (tutorial activity) at a primary/secondary school/university or in another institution related to the field of study (approximately 2-4 lessons a week).


The study programme Social Education (DSP Education) is available to the graduates of Master's degree programmes in Education, Preschool and Extracurricular Education, Teaching Assistant Training or Specialization in Education or Teaching (e.g. for primary or secondary schools, as well as related programmes such as Psychology, Social Work, Sociology etc.

The applicants must:

- prepare an outline of the topic and project of the dissertation thesis together with a reference of the chosen supervisor

- present a list of published and non-published work dealing with the field of study of Education or Social Education.

- pass an entrance examination, which includes the defence of the dissertation thesis project, oral examination of Education and one foreign language (English, German, French or Russian)

The anticipated number of accepted applicants is approximately 1 – 3 for every academic year. It depends on the applicants' quality, supervisors' capacity, current number of research projects at the department, etc.


Field of study specifications

Field of Study: Social Educaton
Abbreviation: SOCP
Code: 7502V011
Type: doctoral degree programme
Degree: Ph.D.
Accreditation: to 31/12/2024
Programme: P7536 D-PD4 Education (4-years)
Faculty of Education
Field of study guaranteed by:
Faculty of Education

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