Intensive Care

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The main goal of the master’s degree programme Specialization in Healthcare in the field of Intensive Care is to provide education to nurses who will receive a master’s degree in the field of intensive care in accordance to the Act No. 96/2006 Coll. on allied health professions as amended by the government regulation No. 31/2010 Coll. of 11 January 2010. The programme has adopted an interdisciplinary and systematic approach, and focuses on professional communication and realisation of preventive and therapeutic interventions.


After successfully completing his/her studies the graduate is able to:

  • explain the principles, methods and practices necessary for providing care to critically ill patients;
  • perform nursing interventions for patients in urgent care;
  • generate and justify their professional decisions and bear full responsibility for them;
  • adopt an attitude of positive self-realization, self-education and self-reflection;
  • collaborate in an inter-disciplinary fashion when taking care of critically ill patients.

The graduate is a highly-specialized healthcare worker. As a specialist in the field of intensive care, they are qualified to perform nursing tasks which require a high level of erudition and independence. These tasks are specified according to § 4, § 48 and § 49 of the Act No. 424/2004 Coll., which defines the tasks of health care professionals and other specialists. The graduates of this study programme have knowledge and skills enabling them to perform independent work in intensive care. They provide, organize and manage highly-specialized nursing care, especially to patients above the age of 10, who suffer from failure of vital functions or who are in danger of such condition. Among other tasks they take care of patients in critical condition in pre-hospital care including air ambulance and the emergency department, patients undergoing anaesthesia, patients requiring treatment by cleaning methods (e.g. dialysis), patients whose life is endangered by cardiovascular disease, patients with acute and chronic pain, and patients requiring long-term mechanical ventilation. The graduates are also able to perform other specialised tasks necessary for the operation of the given healthcare centre.


The standard duration of studies is four semesters. For admittance to the final state examination students must obtain a total of 120 ECTS credits for required courses.Required courses constitute the basis of the discipline.During the course of their studies students should follow the Course catalogue for their year of matriculation. They can access the Course catalogue through the faculty website.


Compulsory part of the study is a practice. Practice is included in all four semesters.

For full-time studies, students must complete a total of 760 hours of practice. In the first, third and fourth semester in the amount of 160 hours of practice per semester. In the second semester in the range of 280 hours of practice, of which 120 hours of practice are organized in the framework of summer practice. Each semester is finished with practice exam.

In the combined studies, students must complete 240 hours of practice. In the first, third and fourth semester in the amount of 40 hours of practice per semester. In the second semester in the range of 120 hours of practice, of which 80 hours of practice are organized in the framework of summer practice. In the combined form the practice is completed in the fourth semester. Practice of both forms of studies is performed at the clinics under the supervision of trainers.


The state final examination consists of:

1. The thesis and its defense.

2. Oral exam of intensive nursing care in internal medicine.

3. Oral exam of intensive nursing care in surgical fields.

4. Oral exam of nursing care in the prehospital, anesthesiology, resuscitation and intensive care.


Master's degree graduate can follow doctoral studies in nursing.


Field of study specifications

Field of Study: Intensive Care
Abbreviation: IP
Code: 5345T024
Type: master's degree programme (following the bachelor's one)
Degree: Mgr.
Accreditation: to 31/12/2024
Programme: N5345 N-SZ Specializations in Health Science
Faculty of Medicine
Field of study guaranteed by:
Faculty of Medicine
Field guarantor:
prof. MUDr. Roman Gál, Ph.D.