Profession of a lawyer is only achievable after completion of the study programme Law.

Master's degree programme, full-time study mode, single-subject, Czech, 5 years 
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The main objective of the study programme "Law and Legal Science", the field of study Law, is to provide the mental theoretical and methodological basis of Legal Doctrine, the knowledge of all legal branches, the knowledge of interdisciplinary links and the knowledge of national, European and International Law by means of qualitative designed study. The study puts emphasis on thoroughly mastering the requirements for applied use of positive law (so called skill’s constituents) including the development of methodology which are included as an integral part of education for both the required and selective courses. One of the objective is to provide the students with an opportunity for acquisition of sufficiently professional language proficiency when the study plan includes both courses aimed at teaching of professional language and those whose content is teaching the legal disciplines in foreign language. An integral part of the study is also a duty of the students to complete a practical training.

The graduate of the study programme Law and Legal Science, the field of study Law, acquires the comprehensive knowledge from all basic legal disciplines and from most of the related areas including their mutual interconnection after completion of the study, is able to formulate own opinions and statements to legal regulation of single institutes, to apply the acquired knowledge to concrete cases and factually argue in favour of a given solution of legal situation. Besides such the acquired knowledge and skills the student shall be knowledgeable with the help of legal information systems and able to move in the relevant legal area including the decision-making activity of national and international courts (SD EU).


After successfully completing his/her studies the graduate is able to:

  • dispose over the knowledge of the areas regulated by law at national and European (integration) level.
  • dispose over the basic knowledge of the legal institutes of International Law.
  • dispose over the basic and extended skills of work with law, as interpretation, application, qualification are.
  • formulate his/her own independent solutions of specific problems associated with application of law.
  • formulate the basic documents in the sphere of legal (contracts, decisions in various areas, further legal documents).
  • be knowledgeable in legal information at national and international level.

The Master's study programme Law and Law Science, the field of study Law, is designed to provide education which is required by the laws of the Czech Republic for the exercise of legal disciplines, particularly then position of judge, legal attorney, state prosecutor, notary public, executor. Including the special disciplines with overlap out of the legal order of the Czech Republic opens the way to an international career in legal positions for the graduates. "Diploma Supplement", issued after completion of study as an appendix, confirms the completed courses and at the same time states the professional position of the graduate: lawyer.


General provisions

The standard duration of studies in the Master's study programme is five years. Basic unit determining time of study is a semester which fulfils function of registration and control unit.

During the creation of study plan the student is obliged to respect the structure of courses determined by the study plan, conditions determined by the study plan, special conditions set by these Rules for enrolment of some courses and prerequisites determined by these Rules.

The required courses are those which the student is obliged to register during the study while complying with the set prerequisites and conditions of procedure in study and which he/she has to complete successfully. The required courses whose content is law teaching, have to be completed and completion have to be realized at the Faculty of Law. The required courses are equated with practical training which has to be completed by the student during the study.

The selective courses are those which the student chooses from a wider offer of the courses. The selective courses are ordered to relevant semesters. The required courses are equated with the selective courses there where the study plan sets a possibility to choose more branches, the student then completes one of these branches and moreover he/she enrolls a futher branch. The condition is the completion of the course in all its parts (credit and examination). During the choice of the selective courses the student is obliged to comply with the following conditions:

a) to fulfil the prerequisites there where are prescribed, to choose at least 9 selective courses during the whole study and these complete properly at least two working days before the final state examination is held,

b) to obtain minimum credit value of 27 credits for selective courses during the whole study up to the final state examination.

During the enrolment of selective courses of other study programmes realized by MU these courses are the subject of the decision on recognition. The completion of a course has to correspond to the conditions of completion of courses according to MU Study and Examination Regulations and its content must directly relate to the study programme Law and Legal Science and its profile of the graduate. It is not possible to recognise the competed "required" course in other study programme and discipline as a selective course.

In other cases (courses completed at other establishment of higher education in Czech Republic or abroad, summer school realized by establishment of higher education in Czech Republic or abroad) the course or subject are the subject of the decision on recognition including the recognition of degree of evaluation and number of credits.

The elective courses are such courses which are designated like these during their announcement. Also the selective courses which the student chose beyond the 9 courses and 27 credits are considered for the elective courses.

During the study the student is obliged to:

a) to complete the study programme Erasmus+, Erasmus Mundus, CEPUS, ISEP, Aktion, programme for freemovers abroad or other equal study programme ( a competent vice dean decides on equality of the study programme, or)

b) to complete the selective course taught at the Faculty of Law MU in foreign language and related to a profile of the graguate, or

c) to complete an internship abroad within the programmes Erasmus+, ISEP, Stella Junior or within other equal programme of internships (a competent vice dean decides on equality of the study programme).


The access to the final state examination is conditioned by the completion of 4 courses of practical training. Each of them corresponds to the duration of 10 days. A working day means the exercise of practical training for a period of 8 consecutive hours. The student may enroll the courses Professional Practical Training independently at the earliest for 6. semester of the study after fulfilment of the prerequisites which mean successful completion of all courses prescribed by the study plan for 1. up to 4. semester and simultaneously successful completion of all courses of 5. semester with prescribed form of completion "credit". The course of Professional Practical Training is superrevised by a worker of The Centre for Further Education and assessed by a credit.


The study programme Law and Legal Science, the field of study Law is organized within the credited system of ECTS whose basic parameters are given by the Act Nr. 111/1998 Coll., on establishments of higher education, as subsequently amended, the Statute of Masaryk University, MU Study and Examination Regulations and the Regulation of the dean No. 7/2002 on study in the Bachelor's and Master's study programmes.

The following requirements are necessary to be fulfilled for acquisition of a title "Master": acquire 300 credits in required structure of the required and selective courses. The structure is specified by the study plan and description of the study plan. pass the final state examination whose part is the defence of diploma thesis. The scope of the final state examination is stated in public part of websites of the Faculty. The themes of diploma theses are stated for the current year in the Information System MUNI.

The study plan is designed in compliance with the MU Study and Examination Regulations as recommended within the meaning of number of registered credits for a given semester. The student is obliged to enroll and obtain a determined number of credits set by the MU Study and Examination Regulations in order to entry a further semester. Of course, he/she is entitled to enroll and acquire recommended or higher number of credits for a semester. However, he/she is obliged to comply with so called prerequisites for enrolment of some courses.


The graduate of this study may continue in doctoral study programme. He/she can pass an advanced Master's examination and acquire a title JUDr.


Field of study specifications

Field of Study: Law
Abbreviation: PR
Code: 6805T003
Type: Master's degree programme
Degree: Mgr.
Accreditation: to 31/12/2024
Programme: M6805 M-PPV Law and Legal Science
Faculty of Law
Field of study guaranteed by:
Faculty of Law
Field guarantor:
prof. JUDr. Věra Kalvodová, Dr.

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