Financial Law and Financial Science (Eng.)

Financial Law with human face.

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The field of study covers the area of Financial Law, particularly legal regulation of public finances, currency and public law supervision of the financial market, both from national, international and Union’s perspective. The essential basis of deep understanding of the theory and legal regulation of Financial Law is also a corresponding orientation in economic discliplines as a wider scientific basis. The objective of the study is to create a deep theretical basis for the field of study, to develop an ability of its application in practice, to achieve an overview of the European and Global trends in the discipline. The main objective of the study is to gradually prepare a student for an independent creative scientific work and his/her integration into scientific research teams.


After successfully completing his/her studies the graduate is able to:

  • explain the principles of functioning of financial activity of the state and public self-administration and principles of its legal regulation;
  • interpret and apply the norms of the given area of Financial Law and the Financial Law as a whole;
  • consider independently the Financial Law de lege late, particularly in response to the formation and realization of financial policy of the state;
  • involve in international communication with professional workplaces and formation of international scientific research teams in the areas of Financial Law;
  • participate solidly in publication activity at national and international level in issue of Financial Law;
  • work didactically in the areas of Financial Law.

The graduates are profiled for profession of a scietific research worker and for professions where an independent creative thinking in the areas of Finacial Law is expected, thus including the legislative work, application practice in financial administration, methodological conduct and didactics in law.


A student creates the study plan from the offer of the required and selective courses within the study programme Theoretical Legal Science, the field of study Financial Law and Financial Science, thus according to description of the study plan and in compliance with regulations and instructions related to the study. In compliance with assumed theme of his/her doctoral thesis a student may include in his/her study plan also courses from the offer of the study plans of other fields of study and alternatively of other programmes in order to achieve the required minimum number of ECTS credits for completion of the doctoral study.


A student who succesfully completed all courses of the study plan and reached the minimum number of ECTS credits for admission to the final state examination, duly files an application to pass this examination and submits theses of his/her doctoral thesis for defence. The state doctoral examination consists of the problem scope of science of Financial Law and current state of legal regulation of public financial activity including the crucial judicature and application practice of financial administration, particularly in relation to the theme of doctoral thesis. The defence of theses of the doctoral thesis takes place after passing the oral part of the state examination. Theses are drawn up by a postgraduate student independently according to instructions of his/her supervisor. The defence of theses does not take place in case when a student submitted an application to the state doctoral examination along with the doctoral thesis. The defence is to prove an abiliti of a postgraduate student to draw up a doctoral thesis on a given topic. After drawing up the doctoral thesis and its handover a student will apply for its defence. Supervisor will attach his/her statement to the work and then the work is referred for consideration by internal and external opponents who will evaluate the work in a standard way in their thesis report and suggest at least two problem scopes for debate. A student submits an abstract for defence, the list of his/her publication activity, these results will be submitted by a student to the examination board for consultation, and prepares presentation for introduction of the work and for debate. The study is properly completed by a successful defence of the doctoral thesis.


There is no follow-up study programme to this study.


Field of study specifications

Field of Study: Financial Law and Financial Science (Eng.)
Abbreviation: FPFVA
Code: 6801V041
Type: doctoral degree programme
Degree: Ph.D.
Accreditation: to 31/12/2024
Programme: P6810 D-TPV4 Theoretical Legal Sciences (4-years)
Faculty of Law
Field of study guaranteed by:
Faculty of Law
Field guarantor:
doc. JUDr. Petr Mrkývka, Ph.D.

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