Ukrainian Language and Literature

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The study programme is focused on multilateral language competence in Ukrainian, on the contemporary state and history of Russian (synchronous and diachronous linguistic disciplines) in the context of other Slavonic and Indo-European languages, and in the part of literary criticism of the history of Ukrainian literature, its specific features and its genre system. In both the linguistic and literary disciplines, a Czech-Ukrainian contrastive approach is accentuated. An outline of Ukraine’s history and culture is part of the study programme.


After successfully completing his/her studies the graduate is able to:

  • produce dignified written and oral expression in Ukrainian
  • use basic knowledge of social, political, and cultural situations in Ukraine
  • know another Slavic language and area – according to their choice
  • think independently and critically, together with excellent diction in their mother tongue and fluency in the Ukrainian language

Graduates with this degree have a comprehensive philological and area-studies education, which qualifies them for educational and scholarly jobs, jobs in cultural institutions, in tourism, and in journalism, as specialists in editorial boards, in low- and mid-level management in firms, in translating specialized and literary texts, in interpreting, and as experts.


Type A/required courses: The main line of study consists of linguistic and conversational courses which are arranged in a sequence with an increasing level of difficulty and which focus on active mastery of the Ukrainian language (grammar, conversation). Apart from practical language courses, students also take theoretical courses (phonetics, morphology, lexicology, lexicography, and syntax) which help them understand the language at a deeper level. Students also familiarize themselves with old, classical, modern, and postmodern Ukrainian literature. An integral part of the studies is Ukrainian geography, culture, and national characteristics. There is also a Bachelor’s thesis seminar which helps students with writing their Bachelor’s thesis. To gain a broader knowledge of Slavonic studies, students also have to pass an exam in another Slavonic language. They must take the common courses for the Faculty of Arts (philosophy, physical education, foreign non-Slavonic language) to gain a more comprehensive education.

Elective courses: Students choose type C/elective courses freely from the faculty offer. Courses from Slavonic and other philological fields of study, as well as Ukrainian lectures and seminars (Ukrainian orthography, conversation, the history of Ukraine), are strongly recommended.


Students can, within the selective course Professional Practical Training, work as trainees in Ukrainian-Czech companies.


The Bachelor’s final state examination consists of following parts: a written exam in the Ukrainian language, an oral exam in the Ukrainian language, and an oral exam in Ukrainian literature. The Bachelor’s final state examination is preceded by the Bachelor’s thesis defence.

The Bachelor’s final state examination commences with the written part, which concentrates on testing the student’s knowledge of Ukrainian grammar and vocabulary (obtained in the courses Language Practice I-IV). The exam continues with the oral part which tests the knowledge of the Ukrainian language (conversation, morphology, and syntax) and 19th- and 20th-century Ukrainian literature. The knowledge and skills required in the exam reflect the whole spectrum of type A/required courses.

Students have some time to prepare answers to the assigned questions before the beginning of the oral exam.


After completion of the Bachelor's studies, it is possible to continue further studies in any Master's degree programme (after satisfying the admission requirements).

Recommended Master’s degree programmes: Ukrainian Language and Literature, Philological Area Studies.


Field of study specifications

Field of Study: Ukrainian Language and Literature
Abbreviation: UJ
Code: 7310R184
Type: Bachelor's degree programme
Degree: Bc.
Accreditation: to 31/12/2024
Programme: B7310 B-FI Philology
Faculty of Arts
Field of study guaranteed by:
Faculty of Arts
Field guarantor:
doc. Halyna Myronova, CSc.