Bulgarian Language and Literature

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The aim of the study is to develop and deepen the knowledge and skill acquired in the framework of bachelor’s study and to prepare a philologist with a wider basis of Slavonic studies. The students will focus on wider diachronous aspects of linguistic research, will concentrate upon a more complicated level of syntax and stylistics; in literary criticism they will get a deeper insight into the methodology of literary scholarship and the awareness of a wider context of Slavonic literatures and the place of Bulgarian literature in it.


After successfully completing his/her studies the graduate is able to:

  • have written and spoken Bulgarian-language competence at the C2 level (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  • have a deep knowledge of literary and cultural theories and the literature and culture of Bulgaria as well as Slavonic or Balkan countries (according to their choice).
  • have a deep knowledge of diachronic and synchronic linguistic theories, including the history of the Bulgarian and other South Slavonic languages.
  • work independently and conduct critical analyses.

Graduates with this degree have a comprehensive philological and area-studies education, which qualifies them for educational and scholarly jobs, jobs in cultural institutions, in tourism, in journalism, as specialists on editorial boards, in low- and mid-level management in firms, in translating specialized and literary texts, in interpreting and as experts.


Field of study specifications

Field of Study: Bulgarian Language and Literature
Abbreviation: BJ
Code: 7310T027
Type: master's degree programme (following the bachelor's one)
Degree: Mgr.
Accreditation: to 31/12/2024
Programme: N6107 N-HS Humanities
Faculty of Arts
Field of study guaranteed by:
Faculty of Arts