Social Education Teacher Training

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The subject is aimed at students who would like to educate children, youth and adults from the point of view of socially handicapped background. The graduate will gain the competences that will enable her/him to formulate the conditions and the integrations processes in cooperation with further specialists.


After successfully completing his/her studies the graduate is able to:

  • work with people, communication skills that are in correlation with the perspective of a social educator position (in the primary, secondary and tertiary sphere of social intervention)
  • control things in the strenuous situations of the social education practise is highly appreciated
  • demonstrate the suitable skills of a teacher assistant in the field of prevention, preschool and family education and especially then in the preparation classes for children from the socially handicapped background form the kindergartens

The graduate is equipped with the profession competences focused on the work with children, youth and adults mostly in fields of education. His/her competences are oriented towards the socially handicapped individuals and groups in the context of their integration into the society. The teacher assistant is the key worker in the schools and fields of socially handicapped backgrounds that are typical for certain groups of citizens. The assistants will deal with them and also with the schools having pupils from the socially handicapped background. It is presumed that the assistant will solve also education troubles right in the school or class. Further preparation is predicted for forming the competences that might enable the assistant to be actively involved in the school and a class, at educational centres. Also the assistants will deal with social situations in the multicultural education and integration of the socially handicapped groups in the society. The social pedagogical assistant could also work in the kindergartens, preparation classes at 1st and 2nd level of basic schools, special needs schools, trade schools, educational centres and also in the field of multicultural education and integration of handicapped groups into the society.


Standard length of studies is 3 years.


Field of study specifications

Field of Study: Social Education Teacher Training
Abbreviation: SPA
Code: 7507R068
Type: Bachelor's degree programme
Degree: Bc.
Accreditation: to 31/8/2019
Programme: B7507 B-SPE Specialization in Education
Faculty of Education
Field of study guaranteed by:
Faculty of Education
Field guarantor:
doc. Mgr. Radim Šíp, Ph.D.