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Mgr. Vít Gabrhel

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Researcher in Transport Research Centre

Membership in academic institutions

Faculty of Social Studies
    Disciplinary Committee


Programme FSS D-PS4 Psychology (4-years), doctoral degree programme
Supervisorprof. PhDr. Tomáš Urbánek, Ph.D.
ConsultantMgr. Stanislav Ježek, Ph.D.
Study Modefull-time, single-subject
Statusreturned from a stay abroad
Field of StudyFSS PSO General Psychology
    Term8th semester, 4th year
Record of Study Results
FSS B-PS Psychology, Bachelor's degree programme, 2013 (completed)
Programme FSS B-PS Psychology, Bachelor's degree programme
Statusstate examination passed and studies completed, degree conferred: Bc., in 2013
Thesis/DissertationThe relationship between spirituality and autonomy in late adolescence and emerging adulthood
Field of StudyFSS PS Psychology
Field of StudyFSS SO Sociology
Record of Study Results
FSS B-HS Humanities, Bachelor's degree programme, 2012 (not under way now)
Programme FSS B-HS Humanities, Bachelor's degree programme
Statusdropped studies by not enrolling after interruption
Field of StudyFF PH Philosophy
Field of StudyFSS ZU Media Studies and Journalism
    SpecializationMED Mediální studia
Record of Study Results

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