Mgr. Bc. Pavla Wernerová

učo 405387
Researcher SSNODZT SSNOVK Teiresiás MU
Room 122
Komenského nám. 2
Brno — 1. nadzemní podlaží
549 49 1104


Sign Language Interpreting and Speech-To-Text Reporting – Visual Communication Section – Support Centre for Students with Special Needs
Room122 (Komenského nám. 2, Brno — 1. nadzemní podlaží)
Phone number549 49 1104


International Relations and Energy Security, Faculty of Social Studies
Programme FSS N-MVEB International Relations and Energy Security, Master's degree programme
Study Modefull-time, single-subject
Statusstudies resumed
PlanFSS MVEB11 International Relations and Energy Security
5th term
Programme ESF B-HPS Economic Policy and Administration, Bachelor's degree programme
Statusstate examination passed and studies completed, degree conferred: Bc., in 2019
Thesis/DissertationThe impact of the European Union on environmental protection in the Czech Republic
Field of StudyESF RRCR Regional Development and Tourism