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Mgr. Oldřich Tristan Florian

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academic senator, law PhD student, information security student
oldrichflorian(zavináč/atsign)mail(tečka/dot)muni(tečka/dot)cz, email forwarded to another address

Membership in academic institutions


Theoretical Legal Sciences (4-years), Faculty of Law
Programme PrF D-TPV4 Theoretical Legal Sciences (4-years), doctoral degree programme
SupervisorJUDr. Martin Hapla, Ph.D.
Study Modefull-time, single-subject
Statusend of the period of disrupted studies
Research topicUmělá inteligence jako výzva pro justifikaci lidských práv
Field of StudyPrF TEPR Theory of Law
3rd semester
Computer systems, communication and security, Faculty of Informatics
Programme FI N-PSKB Computer systems, communication and security, Master's degree programme
Study Modefull-time specialized
Statusend of the period of disrupted studies
PlanFI IB Information security
3rd semester, 2nd year
Programme PrF M-PPV Law and Legal Science, Master's degree programme
Statusstate examination passed and studies completed, degree conferred: Mgr., in 2019
Thesis/DissertationAre there natural rights?
Field of StudyPrF PR Law

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