BSNE061p Nursing in Neurology - lecture

Faculty of Medicine
spring 2021
Extent and Intensity
2/0/0. 2 credit(s). Type of Completion: zk (examination).
Taught online.
prof. MUDr. Josef Bednařík, CSc. (lecturer)
prof. MUDr. Milan Brázdil, Ph.D. (lecturer)
prof. MUDr. Pavel Štourač, Ph.D. (lecturer)
prof. MUDr. Martin Bareš, Ph.D. (lecturer)
prof. MUDr. Zdeněk Kadaňka, CSc. (lecturer)
prof. MUDr. Ivan Rektor, CSc. (lecturer)
PhDr. Mgr. Milena Košťálová, Ph.D. (lecturer)
prof. MUDr. Irena Rektorová, Ph.D. (lecturer)
MUDr. Ondřej Horák (lecturer)
MUDr. Jan Kočica (lecturer)
MUDr. Jan Kolčava, Ph.D. (lecturer)
MUDr. Peter Krkoška (lecturer)
doc. MUDr. Hana Ošlejšková, Ph.D. (lecturer)
MUDr. Martina Petrášová (lecturer)
MUDr. Aneta Rajdová (lecturer)
MUDr. Michal Ryzí, Ph.D. (lecturer)
doc. MUDr. Eva Vlčková, Ph.D. (lecturer)
MUDr. Stanislav Voháňka, CSc., MBA (lecturer)
Jana Aberlová (assistant)
PhDr. Natália Beharková, Ph.D. (assistant)
Mgr. Ladislava Jagošová (assistant)
Guaranteed by
prof. MUDr. Pavel Štourač, Ph.D.
Department of Neurology - Joint workplaces with the University Hospital Brno - workplaces of the Bohunice and Mater. Hospital - Faculty of Medicine
Contact Person: Jaromíra Saláková
Supplier department: Department of Neurology - Joint workplaces with the University Hospital Brno - workplaces of the Bohunice and Mater. Hospital - Faculty of Medicine
Thu 4. 3. 10:30–13:00 I.NK N06094, Thu 11. 3. 10:30–13:00 I.NK N06094, Thu 18. 3. 10:30–13:00 I.NK N06094, Thu 25. 3. 10:00–12:30 N12190, Thu 1. 4. 10:00–12:30 N12190, Thu 8. 4. 11:00–13:30 KDN N04085, Thu 15. 4. 10:00–12:30 N12190, Thu 22. 4. 11:00–13:30 KDN N04085, Thu 29. 4. 10:00–12:30 N12190, Thu 6. 5. 11:00–13:30 KDN N04085
Prerequisites (in Czech)
BSKP021p Clinical Examination-lec. && BSKP021c Clinical Examination-p || BSKP021x Clinical Examination-p
Course Enrolment Limitations
The course is only offered to the students of the study fields the course is directly associated with.
fields of study / plans the course is directly associated with
Course objectives
The main aims of the subject are: to become familiar with the content of neurology; to acquire an overview of the main diagnostic procedures in neurology, their risks and demands for a patient; to become familiar with clinical symptomatology, course and prognosis of main neurological disorders and their specifics with respect to nursing
  • Education is divided into ten 3-hour blocks.
  • 1. Introduction. Definition of neurology as a medical specialization and its place among other specialties. Multidisciplinary cooperation. Management of neurological patients especially stroke patients. In-patient and out-patient neurological care. Specialization in neurology. Basic principles of the anatomy and function of the nervous system, basic terms.
  • 2. Fundamentals of neurological symptomatology. Movement disorders: pareses, diskinesias, myoclonias, speech disorders. Sensitive, sensory, autonomous disorders. Clinical neurological bed-side examination.
  • 3. Fundamentals of topical diagnosis and syndromology. Main neurological topical syndromes. Case record in neurology.
  • 4. Basic developmental principles of the nervous system. Specifics of neurological disorders in infancy and childhood.
  • 5. Basic diagnostic procedures in neurology I. Imaging methods: X-ray exam, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, angiography, lumbar puncture and examination of the cerebrospinal fluid, biochemical tests.
  • 6. Basic diagnostic procedures in neurology II. Electrodiagnostic methods: electroencephalography, electomyography, evoked potentials. Fundamentals of neurorehabilitation.
  • 7. Basic pathophysiological mechanisms in neurological disorders. Vascular disorders of the brain.
  • 8. Epilepsy, neoplasms of the nervous system, headache.
  • 9. Neuromuscular, spondylogenic a demyelinative neurological disorders.
  • 10. Traumatic, infectious and metabolic disorders of the nervous system. Conclusions.
  • Tyrlíková I. a kol. Neurologie pro sestry. IDVPZ 1999, Brno (dosud nebylo vydáno).
  • Písemné syllaby k jednotlivým stážím (obdrží od vyučujícího).
Teaching methods
Assessment methods
Lectures and discussions; final oral exam.
Language of instruction
Further comments (probably available only in Czech)
Study Materials
The course is taught annually.
Information on the extent and intensity of the course: 30.
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