Ze0162 Regional Geography of Europe

Faculty of Education
autumn 2020
Extent and Intensity
1/2/0. 5 credit(s). Type of Completion: zk (examination).
prof. RNDr. Jaromír Kolejka, CSc. (lecturer)
Mgr. Jindřich Havelka (seminar tutor)
Guaranteed by
prof. RNDr. Jaromír Kolejka, CSc.
Department of Geography - Faculty of Education
Contact Person: Kateřina Brabcová
Supplier department: Department of Geography - Faculty of Education
Mon 8:00–8:50 učebna 5
  • Timetable of Seminar Groups:
Ze0162/01: Mon 9:00–9:50 učebna 5, J. Kolejka
Basic experience in the analytical geosciences related to physical, economic and human geography. Basic language skills - especially in English, German, other welcome. Reliable body conditions needed for extensive abroad trip.
Course Enrolment Limitations
The course is also offered to the students of the fields other than those the course is directly associated with.
fields of study / plans the course is directly associated with
Course objectives
The Aim of Tuition: On the basis of the general recognition of regional geography, its factography and its methods - to gain 1) the ability of aimed acquiring of new concrete knowledge of the dealing region and 2) the ability of synthesis of the said knowledge within the framework of developmental relationship of partial geographical spheres (which ware dealt in the course of the studium of analytical disciplines of geography) - with emphasis on the problem of didactics transformation. Students understand the criteria for the definition of regions, they can describe regions in their factual context, they understand internal spatial structure of regions and can subtract from geographic maps and explain their features.
Learning outcomes
The student will get an idea about the identification of the regions of Europe at the continental level. They will learn to explain and explain the reasons for the definition, functioning and geographical characteristics (natural, economic and humane) of European regions. It demonstrates a sufficient level of geographic thinking when working with a map and an atlas.
  • Geographical characterization of subregions and countries
  • a) Scandinavian region b) British Isles c) Atlantic France d) Iberic region e) Alpine-Carpathian region f) Hercynian Central Europe g) Balcans h) Eastern Europe i) Ural region j) Crimean region k) European Arctic l) European Mediterranean and Black Sea region m) North and Baltic Sea region n) North-eastern Atlantic region
    required literature
  • Král, V.: Fyzická geografie Evropy. 1. vyd. Praha: Academia, 1999. 348 s. ISBN 80-200-0684-2
  • ANDĚL, Jiří, Ivan BIČÍK and Jan D. BLÁHA. Makroregiony světa : nová regionální geografie. Vydání první. Praha: Karolinum, 2019. 326 stran. ISBN 9788024642734. info
    recommended literature
  • HUBELOVÁ, Dana and Petr CHALUPA. Cvičení z regionální geografie - Evropa. Brno: Masaryková univerzita, 2008. 80 pp. 1. vydání. ISBN 978-80-210-4735-8. info
  • SKOKAN, Ladislav. Rusko : geografický přehled. Vyd. 1. V Ústí nad Labem: Univerzita J.E. Purkyně, 2005. 215 s. ISBN 8070446471. info
    not specified
  • ANDĚL, Jiří and Ladislav SKOKAN. Střední Evropa a Evropská unie, transformační ekonomiky východní Evropy : (geografický přehled). Vyd. 1. Ústí nad Labem: Univerzita J.E. Purkyně v Ústí nad Labem, 2003. 128 s. ISBN 8070444711. info
Teaching methods
Head - on education, seminar
Assessment methods
The course is completed by the written exam (test) where student proves his knowledge about Europe and CIS. But he is also expected to understand relationships between natural factors and relevant economic and social parameters. For completing this course successfully, it is necessary to pass a writen test of three questions concerning natural conditions and their influence on the deployment of industry, agriculture and the population of three regions, min. 10.5 p. should be obtained.
Language of instruction
Further comments (probably available only in Czech)
Study Materials
The course is taught annually.
Teacher's information
Students prepare and present a presentation on a given regional-geographic theme.
The course is also listed under the following terms Autumn 2018, Autumn 2019.
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