VV070 Seminar on Master's Thesis Writing

Fakulta informatiky
podzim 2016
1/1. 2 kr. (plus ukončení). Ukončení: z.
Mgr. Antonín Zita, M.A., Ph.D. (přednášející)
Mgr. Eva Trumpešová - Rudolfová
Oddělení Centra jazykového vzdělávání na Fakultě informatiky - Centrum jazykového vzdělávání
Dodavatelské pracoviště: Oddělení Centra jazykového vzdělávání na Fakultě informatiky - Centrum jazykového vzdělávání
Rozvrh seminárních/paralelních skupin
VV070/01: Po 12:00–13:50 A319, A. Zita
VB001 Specialist English
The prerequisite for enrolling in the course is passing the examination in English (VB001)
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Cíle předmětu
Writing a thesis is frequently a long and arduous process and even more so when it has to be written in a language other than the author’s primary language. Therefore, this course is aimed at helping students who are in their last semester of studies to finish writing their theses. The course is separated into two tracks – a class track and an individual track. During the former, students attend five classes with the instructor and focus on the process of writing a thesis; the track will cover not only common grammar mistakes, but also the academic writing style or the mechanics of writing a thesis. The individual track has students write portions of their theses and then meet with the instructor on scheduled dates in order to receive feedback on their writing. There will be at least two individual sessions, each lasting 25-30 minutes. Students may be required to submit additional grammar and vocabulary exercises during both tracks. Ultimately, the course should provide students with guidance and information important for a successful completion of a thesis in English language. Students will have to pass an entrance exam in order to enroll into the course; this exam will be written during the first week of classes. Those with exceptionally good results will be offered the individual track only.
  • I. Common grammar mistakes, appropriate register (formal/informal language), II. Academic vocabulary, understanding the academic style of writing, III. writing paragraphs, IV. linking paragraphs together, V. understanding the organization of a thesis
    doporučená literatura
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Výukové metody
Lectures, interactive seminars, active participation in class discussions, written assignments, individual sessions.
Metody hodnocení
Entrance exam, compulsory attendance. Successful completion of the course involves active participation in class discussion and exercises, regular attendance of both class and individual sessions, completing assigned homework, timely submission of text for feedback, and the production of a significant portion of the thesis.
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