d013 Sociology of sport

Faculty of Sports Studies
Spring 2020
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0/0. 5 credit(s). Type of Completion: zk (examination).
prof. PhDr. Aleš Sekot, CSc. (lecturer)
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prof. PhDr. Aleš Sekot, CSc.
Department of Social Sciences and Sport Management - Faculty of Sports Studies
Supplier department: Department of Social Sciences and Sport Management - Faculty of Sports Studies
Absolvování předmětu Základy sociologie Sociologie sportu v bakalářském studiu
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Course objectives
Sociology is very helpful when it comes to studing sports as a social phenomena. It provides concepts, theoretical approaches, and research methods to describe and unerstand behaviour and social interactions as they occur in particularg social and cultural contexts. Just qualitative changes in sports have updated new concepts as a physical recreation, professional sport, high performance sport, elite sport etc. becoming involved and staying in sports occurs in connection with general socialization process in lives of people. The phenomenon of sport has been strongly transformed during past two or three decades, mostly as a consequence of the process of commercionalization and medialization of elite professional sportts, mostly in global extend. The main objective of the lesson is to properly understand mutual relations of sport and society on local, regional and global level.
  • Theoretical terminus a quo of sociologyx of sport Sport and socialization Leisur sport versus performance top sports Sport subcultures Communal aspects of sport Sport and youth Youth versus doping in sport leisur and sport Contemporary Czech society and sport Sport and mass media Fascination with sport medialized sport Global aspects of sport Migration in sport Feminity versus masculinity Women and sport in historical perspective Sportive subcultures Sport - its perspectives
  • Aleš Sekot: Sport a společnost. Paido, 2003
  • Sekot, A. 2008. Sociologické problémy sportu. Praha: Grada Publishing.
  • Sekot, A. 2006.Sociologie sportu. Brno: Masarykova univerzita a Paido.
Teaching methods
seminary blocks
Assessment methods
Written test confronting relevant knowledge on mutual relations sport and society Aleš Sekot: Sport a společnost, Paido 2003 Aleš Sekot: Sociologie sportu. MU a Paido 2006 e-learning: http://www.fsps.muni.cz/impact/sociologie-sportu/
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