EVSn5050 EU and Human Rights

Faculty of Social Studies
Spring 2020
Extent and Intensity
1/1/0. 7 credit(s). Type of Completion: zk (examination).
Mgr. Hubert Smekal, Ph.D. (lecturer)
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Mgr. Hubert Smekal, Ph.D.
Department of International Relations and European Studies - Faculty of Social Studies
Contact Person: Olga Cídlová, DiS.
Supplier department: Department of International Relations and European Studies - Faculty of Social Studies
Mon 8:00–9:40 U42
Prerequisites (in Czech)
! EVS450 EU and Human Rights && ! NOW ( EVS450 EU and Human Rights )
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Course objectives
At the end of the course, students will be well acquainted with the issue of human rights in Europe, especially in the European Union, both from the perspective of legal and political science. They will be able to understand the expansion of the issue of human rights in the EU and in Europe. Students will become familiar with the most important judgments dealing with human rights which will, in addition to knowledge gained from the substance of the texts, greatly enhance their abilities to read more complicated legal texts. They will also learn about the important role considerations of human rights play in legal and political debates in Europe.
Learning outcomes
Students will be able to explain and analyze human rights issues of European integration.
  • 1. Introductory Session
  • 2. Human Rights in Europe
  • 3. The European System of Human Rights Protection – The Council of Europe
  • 4. The European Union and Human Rights – How and Why it All Began
  • 5. The Court of Justice as an Actor in European Governance
  • 6. The Court of Justice and Human Rights – Fundamentals
  • 7. Court of Justice and Human Rights – Expanding the Scope
  • 8. Interaction between EU free movement law and fundamental rights of EU citizens
  • 9. EU citizenship & fundamental rights
  • 10. The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights
  • 11. The EU and the ECHR
  • 12. A Deeper Look at Dissonance in the Multi-level Legal System
  • 13. Miscellaneous Topics, Other Actors Dealing with Human Rights in the EU, Critical Reflections, Conclusions
  • The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights as a binding instrument : five years old and growing. Edited by Sybe Alexander de Vries - Ulf Bernitz - Stephen Weatherill. First published. Oxford: Hart publishing, 2015. xl, 372. ISBN 9781782258254. info
  • FABBRINI, Federico. Fundamental rights in Europe : challenges and transformations in comparative perspective. 1st ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014. xix, 319. ISBN 9780198702047. info
Teaching methods
The course consists of lectures combined with seminars including class discussions. Students are expected to read all compulsory readings (articles or book chapters and cases) in advance in order to actively participate in class discussions.
Assessment methods
10 position papers, final written exam
Language of instruction
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Study Materials
The course is taught annually.

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