VSLE7X1c Medical Ethics 2 - Seminar

Faculty of Medicine
Autumn 2008
Extent and Intensity
0/2. 2 credit(s). Type of Completion: z (credit).
MUDr. Jana Halámková, Ph.D. (seminar tutor)
Mgr. Kateřina Kintrová (seminar tutor)
doc. Mgr. Josef Kuře, Dr. phil. (seminar tutor)
MUDr. Martin Pavlík, Ph.D., DESA, EDIC (seminar tutor)
prof. RNDr. Renata Veselská, Ph.D., M.Sc. (seminar tutor)
MUDr. Petra Vysočanová (seminar tutor)
MUDr. Václav Zvoníček, Ph.D. (seminar tutor)
Guaranteed by
doc. Mgr. Josef Kuře, Dr. phil.
Department of Medical Ethics - Theoretical Departments - Faculty of Medicine
Contact Person: Mgr. Kateřina Kintrová
Timetable of Seminar Groups
VSLE7X1c/09: Mon 8. 12. to Fri 12. 12. each working day 7:30–12:20 N01082/015
VSLE7X1c/10: Mon 24. 11. to Fri 28. 11. each working day 7:30–12:20 N01082/015
VSLE7X1c/11: Mon 10. 11. to Fri 14. 11. each working day 7:30–12:20 N01082/015
VSLE7X1c/12: Mon 27. 10. to Fri 31. 10. each working day 7:30–12:20 N01082/015
VSLE7X1c/16: Mon 5. 1. to Fri 9. 1. each working day 7:30–12:20 N01082/015
Prerequisites (in Czech)
( VLCP0622c Clin.exam. in surgery II -p || STCP0622c Clin.exam. in surgery II ) && VSIP0622c Clin.exam.in int.med.-pract. && VSET021 Medical Ethics I
Course Enrolment Limitations
The course is only offered to the students of the study fields the course is directly associated with.
fields of study / plans the course is directly associated with
Course objectives
Interactive seminar offers an introduction to clinical ethics. The aim is: - to understand ethical dilemmas in individual fields of medicine - to develop ability to perceive ethical questions within health care - to listen to different ethical arguments and espress own opinions - to learn ability to solve ethical dilemmas in medicine
  • Introduction to medical ethics (terminology, subject, methodology) & Primary care (physician - patient relationship, informed consent)& Assisted reproduction & Genetic testing (ethics and genetics, PND, PGD, screening) & Patient rights & Transplantation ethics & Ethics in oncology (truth about diagnosis, paliative care) & Ethical problems in intensive care & Death and dying & Ethics of biomedical research
  • Od narození do smrti : etické problémy v lékařství. Edited by David C. Thomasma - Thomasine Kimbrough Kushner, Translated by Lucie M. Vyd. 1. Praha: Mladá fronta, 2000. 389 s. ISBN 8020408835. info
  • HAŠKOVCOVÁ, Helena. Lékařská etika. třetí rozšířené vydání. Praha: Galén, 2002. 272 pp. ISBN 80-7262-132-7. info
  • Practical medical ethics. Edited by Alastair Campbell. 1st ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1992. 177 s. ISBN 0-19-558234-9. info
  • Casebook of medical ethics. Edited by Terrence F. Ackerman - Carson Strong. [1st ed.]. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1989. xvii, 240. ISBN 0-19-503917-3. info
  • Bioethics. Edited by John Harris. 1st pub. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001. vi, 557. ISBN 0198752571. info
  • Beyond therapy : biotechnology and the pursuit of happiness : a report of the President's Council on Bioethics. Edited by Leon Kass - William Safire. 1st ed. New York: DANA Press, 2005. xxxiii, 37. ISBN 1932594051. info
Assessment methods
Condition for giving course-unit credit is full attendance in all seminars and activity during the course.
Language of instruction
Further comments (probably available only in Czech)
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