RJ_BP Bachelor Thesis

Faculty of Education
Spring 2023
Extent and Intensity
0/0/1. 2 credit(s). Type of Completion: z (credit).
Taught in person.
doc. PhDr. Mgr. Simona Koryčánková, Ph.D. (lecturer)
Guaranteed by
doc. PhDr. Mgr. Simona Koryčánková, Ph.D.
Department of Russian Language and Literature - Faculty of Education
Contact Person: Helena Rytířová
Supplier department: Department of Russian Language and Literature - Faculty of Education
Prerequisites (in Czech)
Předmět si zapisuje student, který píše bakalářskou práci na katedře ruského jazyka. Typicky v pátém semestru bakalářského studia.
Course Enrolment Limitations
The course is also offered to the students of the fields other than those the course is directly associated with.
The capacity limit for the course is 45 student(s).
Current registration and enrolment status: enrolled: 2/45, only registered: 0/45, only registered with preference (fields directly associated with the programme): 0/45
fields of study / plans the course is directly associated with
Course objectives
The seminar is based on the given theme of bachelor work and is led by a consultant. The works can analyze problems in linguistics, literature, history or methodology. Students can choose the teacher. They are taught how to plan the work and how to manage the approach to the study of literature. They study various research techniques and apply them to their own projects. In the seminar, they present their projects and discuss them.
Learning outcomes
Completing this course will ensure that the student is working on a BT approved by the supervisor. The student should be ready to consult the job and become acquainted with the requirements imposed on him by the state commission in the defense.
  • 1. Selection and bias of the theme.
  • 2. Selection of the primary and secondary literature.
  • 3. Processing the bachelor work project.
  • 4. Diploma work conception.
  • 5. Research method in the field of foreign language teaching.
  • 6. Preparation and organisation of the research.
  • 7. The research itself. 8. Processing the research results.
  • 9. Elaboration the bachelor work.
  • ECO, U. Jak napsat diplomovou práci. 1. vyd. Olomouc : Votobia, 1997. 271 s. ISBN 80-7198-173-7.
  • GAVORA, P. Úvod do pedagogického výzkumu. 1. vyd. Brno : Paido, 2000. 207 s. ISBN 8085931796.
  • MAŇÁK, J., ŠVEC, V. Cesty pedagogického výzkumu. 1. vyd. Brno : Paido, 2004. 78 s. ISBN 8073150786.
  • PELIKÁN, J. Základy empirického výzkumu pedagogických jevů. 1. vyd. Praha : Karolinum, nakladatelství Univerzity Karlovy, 1998. 270 s. ISBN 0-7184-569-8.
  • Holoušová, D., Krobotová, M. Diplomové a závěrečné práce. Olomouc: Univerzita Palackého, Pedagogická fakulta, 2002, 117 s
  • Viz web katedry RJaL s PP prezentací knihovny PdF
Teaching methods
Study of specialized literature, theoretical preparation. Bachelor's thesis presentation, active involvement in discussions.
Assessment methods
Lectures, discussion, project, presentation, homework, reading.
Language of instruction
Further comments (probably available only in Czech)
The course is taught each semester.
The course is taught: every week.
Information on the extent and intensity of the course: Individuální konzultace.
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