SOk235 Educational and research practice

Faculty of Education
Autumn 2019
Extent and Intensity
0/0/0. 6 credit(s). Type of Completion: k (colloquium).
PhDr. Denisa Denglerová, Ph.D. (seminar tutor)
Mgr. Lenka Gulová, Ph.D. (seminar tutor)
Mgr. Dušan Klapko, Ph.D. (seminar tutor)
Mgr. et Mgr. Martina Kurowski, Ph.D. (seminar tutor)
doc. PhDr. Jiří Němec, Ph.D. (seminar tutor)
MgA. Lenka Polánková, Ph.D. (seminar tutor)
Mgr. Petr Soják, Ph.D. (seminar tutor)
doc. Mgr. Radim Šíp, Ph.D. (seminar tutor)
Mgr. Ema Štěpařová, Ph.D. (seminar tutor)
Guaranteed by
Mgr. et Mgr. Martina Kurowski, Ph.D.
Department of Social Education - Faculty of Education
Contact Person: Bc. Kateřina Štěpařová
Supplier department: Department of Social Education - Faculty of Education
Course Enrolment Limitations
The course is only offered to the students of the study fields the course is directly associated with.

The capacity limit for the course is 100 student(s).
Current registration and enrolment status: enrolled: 25/100, only registered: 0/100
fields of study / plans the course is directly associated with
Course objectives
Continuous pedagogical and research practice concludes the qualification of a social pedagogue by its combination of pedagogic and research skills. Students collect and analyse data, which will be interpreted in the particular background of the research.
Learning outcomes
At the end of the practice the students prove their skills in pedagogy or social work with a target group as well as appropriate use of educational strategies and research process, which are in close connection.
  • Completion of the practice is approved by the project advisor. Continuous stay of the student is prepared during previous semesters, in which the students focus on their diploma thesis project and elaborate the concept and research aim. The practice range enables deep and long-term examination of the topic (phenomena), which corresponds to one of the aims of the practice. The outcome of the practice is the diploma thesis concept together with the description of intervention strategies and reflection of their application to the particular case.
  • Úvod do pedagogického výskumu (Orig.) : Úvod do pedagogického výzkumu [Gavora, 2000]. info
  • MAŇÁK, Josef. Jiří Pelikán: Základy empirického výzkumu pedagogických jevů (recenze). Komenský : časopis pro učitele základní školy, Brno: Pedagogická fakulta Masarykovy univerzity, 1999, vol. 123, 5/6, p. 129. ISSN 0323-0449. info
  • STRAUSS, Anselm L. and Juliet M. CORBIN. Základy kvalitativního výzkumu : postupy a techniky metody zakotvené teorie. Translated by Stanislav Ježek. Vyd. 1. Brno: Sdružení Podané ruce, 1999. vi, 196. ISBN 808583460X. info
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  • KERLINGER, Fred N. Základy výzkumu chování : pedagogický a psychologický výzkum. Vyd. 1. Praha: Academia, 1972. 705 s. info
  • KERLINGER, Fred N. Základy výzkumu chování : pedagogický a psychologický výzkum. Vyd. 1. Praha: Academia, 1972. 705 s. info
  • TRAVERS, Robert M. W. Úvod do pedagogického výzkumu. Praha: Státní pedagogické nakladatelství, 1969. info
Teaching methods
individual work, discussion with the diploma thesis advisor, home preparation
Assessment methods
As part of the diploma work, the students will start the research and will work in the field of social pedagogy. The output will be formed by records of the research and practical part of the study.
Language of instruction
Further Comments
Study Materials
The course is taught annually.
The course is taught: in blocks.
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The course is also listed under the following terms Autumn 2018.
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